Is Saucony A Good Brand? (Everything You Need to Know!)

Selecting the perfect sneakers can be difficult with so many footwear brands on the market. If you enjoy running, you’ve probably heard of the brand Saucony.

It’s regarded as one of the best running shoe brands, but is Saucony overall a good brand? Let’s find out.

A Short Say About This Company

The Saucony brand was founded in 1898. For the first 100 years, it was focused on being pioneers by manufacturing and developing exclusive foot care products and generating and instilling big ideas like the first diabetic and special-needs walking shoe.

They’ve grown into a lifestyle brand that integrates performance, innovation, and fashion to create award-winning sneakers for athletes all over the world.

It also makes lightweight shoes, employs cutting-edge technology, and ensures that the design is long-lasting, flexible, and reliable in performance.

Quality of Products

Saucony’s cushioning system, a patented technology called EVERUN implemented using the company’s materials, is one of the most popular features among runners. This design provides a more comfortable experience for each runner.

The brand is also known for introducing new running trends and assisting runners in transitioning to new types of running shoes.

For example, the company was the first to offer stability shoes quickly, followed by motion control shoes. They also created neutral shoes before it was thought to be an option.

The rubber on the outsole of Saucony running shoes has earned the brand’s shoes a reputation for sturdiness. Some of the company’s models are said to be able to travel 500 miles under ideal conditions.

Brand of Innovation

Saucony is known for its innovation, paving the charge in running principles and technology across the board.

ISOFIT upper construction for a custom fit; RUNDRY material that quickly wicks away sweat; and the TRI-FLEX outsole design for optimal traction and flexibility are just a few of the company’s many exclusive technologies.

With its Grid Technology, Saucony introduced the first dual-purpose running midsole. Stability shoes are designed to stop pronation while running, but they are often heavy and inconvenient. Saucony’s Grid Technology added a soft return and a stable during a run.

Fabric And Sole Quality

Saucony shoes are made with a particular fabric and exclusive designs. You’ve probably noticed their exclusively varied designs if you’ve seen Saucony shoes. These aren’t just for design. They are made for specific situations that call for proper support.


Having a good selection is a plus for a brand. We enjoy shopping because it allows us to compare options and make the best decision.

When items are scarce, shoppers feel forced to choose the next best option. Saucony has a wide range of products not only for children but also for men and women.

We have good news for vegans. Saucony makes shoes with no animal-derived products or glue.


A good shoe appears to support the arch and the body. Experts advise a wide toe box to accommodate the foot.


Saucony has you covered if you’re worried about looking good while power walking. Their fabrics aren’t just any old materials; they’re designed to look stylish while functional. The user even said that running on Kinvaras is like having your favorite cold beverage on a hot afternoon.


Saucony’s shoe advisor collects enough data to help guide you through the selection process. Gender, shoe size, terrain, nature of your training, and personal preferences such as comfort level are all calculated to find the best option.

Final Thoughts

After plenty of consideration, I’ve decided that Saucony reaches our expectations in every way. They are committed to delivering maximum comfort with Motion Control footwear, and biomechanically engineered shoes for neutral runners.

Besides, I found many negative user reviews on well-known websites. So, in essence, the decision is yours. Therefore, you will have to put forth some effort to find a shoe pair best suited for your feet.

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