How Much Does It Cost to Ship Shoes?

The cost of shipping a pair of shoes depends on the type of service you choose, as well as the country where it is being shipped. It’s important to understand how much does it costs to ship shoes.

However, when it comes to shipping shoes, the cost can vary depending on many factors. The material and size of the shoes will determine the type of boxes used.

Additionally, extra packing materials will be needed. In addition, there are variables that may increase or decrease the overall cost of shipping your shoe. In general, you may need to pay between $4 to $72 for the USPS shoe shipping.

Several factors decide the accurate pricing of the shoe shipping cost. Some are;

  • Material and size of the pair.
  • Shipping location. (UPS, DHL/Fedex etc.)
  • Extra Consumables required for shipment like shoe boxes, packing materials etc..
  • Cost of packing material.
  • Size and weight of the shoes.

The above-mentioned factors will decide the exact cost of shipping shoes. There are various methods to determine how much it costs to ship a pair of shoes.

One of the most common ways is to use weight and size. The average shipping charge for a pair of shoes that weighs around 6 ounces will be between $35-$50 per shipment, whereas heavier pairs might shipping fee of more than $65.

For example, it costs about $61 to ship an 8-ounce shone from Hawaii through UPS Ground shipping service; while it’s only going to cost you under $40 on USPS Flat Rate.

Cheapest Way to Ship Shoes?

If you are looking for a cheap way to ship shoes, it’s always been recommended to use USPS Flat Rate shipping.

The reason behind this is that the cost of the services provided by this method is much lower than other methods like UPS or DHL will provide, and therefore there won’t be any major difference in total cost when compared between these two options.

This suggests that if your pair of shoes weigh only 1″ (25mm) then the cost of shipping via USPS Flat Rate is going to be much lower than that of UPS or DHL, and therefore you should use this method.

Another reason to use USPS Flat Rate is that it has a much lower rate compared with UPS, which might cost up to $50.

Another thing you should keep in mind while using this method is the “hold” period of 30 days provided by the post office.

When shipping shoes through USPS Express Mail Service and/or Priority Mail service there are some restrictions on what can be shipped; especially when it comes to tracking information or delivery confirmation.

In this case, you’re not going to receive any tracking information or delivery confirmation on the package since it will be shipped within 23 minutes of order placement and its primary purpose is to deliver your parcel as soon as possible.

The cheapest option for you is USPS, as it provides free shipping on all packages with a value under $200. this includes shoes and footwear. The rates of different couriers depend on many factors.

As stated above, all couriers have different limits of insurance and it may or not be available in every country. Some couriers do cooperate with agencies to reduce the shipping cost but some others don’t.

Beginner’s Guide To Reduce Cost While Shipping Shoes

So if you’re ready to reduce shipping costs, here are some tips that will help:

1. Use USPS flat rate and not UPS or DHL.

2. Always use a tracking number along with your package when sending things through the USPS Flat Rate service since it gives you more information about the shipment and allows customers to track their shipments online (depending on what type of packages they choose).

This can be as simple as a label or as complex as shipping labels that include a tracking number, UPS or FedEx account, and/or delivery confirmation.

3. Try to ship your package during the weekend since it is likely to have less traffic along with less staff handling packages on weekends than weekdays (this means you’ll save time and money). You can also choose Saturday if this fits better into your schedule; however, be sure that there are no holidays where your package will be sent on Saturday.

4. When shipping shoes, try to make sure that the bottom of your shoe will not get creased or bent easily since this can cause issues with future shipments and/or increase the chances for packages being returned by customers (you may have to create a padded envelope in order for them not to bend).

5. Don’t ship anything heavy with FedEx or UPS since this can break a package and/or result in delays during delivery (and also consider using DHL for heavy shipments).

6. If you are going to use a padded envelope, make sure that the padding can protect your product from damage since this can cause issues with future packages being returned by customers (opt for larger envelopes so they will not crush too much during shipping).

How to Pack Shoes for Shipping?

If you’re going to ship shoes, there are several things that you should be aware of. Of course, these tips will vary depending on whether it is a flat rate or shipping option due to the different types of packages available:

1. Shoes can be shipped in one shoebox but if your product requires multiple boxes (e.g., for clothing items), use 2-3 shoe different boxes per individual item and make sure all boxes are the same width.

2. Use a sturdy box, like one with high walls and multiple layers of cardboard in order to protect your shoe without causing any damage since this can cause issues with future packages being returned by customers (you may also have to tape up or nail down all sides of the box so that rodents cannot get inside).

3. If you’re shipping shoes on their own original shoebox, make sure they fit into the heaviest of USPS flat rate boxes, or just opt for bare-bones boxed themselves in order to save money on extra packaging materials.

4. If you have multiple shoes that are going to be shipped all together, make sure they fit into a lightweight box so that there will not be any unnecessary weight added onto your shipment by having too many shoe boxes inside (you may also want to tape up or nail down all sides of the shoe box).

5. If you’re shipping shoes in a box that requires padding, it is best to use the kind of foam that is used for shipping fragile items as this can protect your product from damage and cause fewer problems with future packages being returned by customers (opt for larger envelopes so they will not crush too much during shipping).

6. Make sure all shoe boxes are labeled appropriately so the recipient knows which shipment contains certain shoes or accessories.

7. If you have multiple items to ship, make sure the shipping address for all packages are correct so that your package will arrive at its destination in one piece without being damaged during transit (also use a sturdy box).

How to Ship Shoes Without Box?

Shoe boxes can be used to ship shoes and other items, but they may not always fit in the standard box. There are many different ways of shipping without a box.

Use mailers with custom inserts or buy shoe boxes from various companies that sell them on their websites (usually at very high prices).

Shoe boxes can also be purchased on the internet. Shoe Boxes are generally made of corrugated cardboard and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. The most important thing to remember is that they should fit inside your shoebox!

There are also many alternatives to shoe boxes, such as padded envelopes. The most common of which is bubble wrap and then packing peanuts or regular paper/cardstock.

When it comes down to the end of the day, there are always ways to ship without a box! It all depends on what works best for you as well as your customers’ needs & wants.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship Shoes: USPS Shipping

The United States Postal Service (USPS) has a policy of not accepting shoes without boxes. Many times, they will allow the package to be shipped with no box if it is addressed correctly and contains a tracking number or other delivery confirmation method.

The USPS requires that all packages containing footwear are sent in shoe boxes, so their policies do not change when using alternative shipping methods, such as padded envelopes or bubble wrap.

To ship with this service, you must use a postal shipping label or package tracking.

In addition to the United States Postal Service, many UPS, and FedEx packages are also shipped with no box in hopes of saving space. This is quite rare however, as USPS requires it when using their direct mail service (USPS).

How Much Does It Cost to Ship Shoes: USPS Shipping Rates

USPS Flat Rate Boxes are cost-effective and provide a reliable way to ship packages. The most common price is $5.95, but it varies depending on the weight of your package or what type of label you use (see rates below).

A flat rate box can be used for all types of shipments except Parcel Select, which has its own set rate structure.

The difference between the two services is that FedEx Express Saver is cheaper than USPS Priority Mail, but the prices vary depending on your maximum weight and distance.

The flat rate box is also available for small packages up to 1 pound with a maximum length of 4 inches (102 mm) — this includes books, CDs or DVDs under 3″ in size. The standard package can weigh up to 5 pounds and be no longer than 6½” long by 2¾” wide by 3⅞ ” high.

All packages weighing more than 1 pound must be shipped via Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes, which offer rates from $6.95 per box up to a maximum rate of $11 for shipments over 5 pounds and a length up to 12″ long by 6½” wide by 3⅞”.

Parcel Select options include: USPS Express Saver (Priority), USPS First-Class Package Service (First Class), and USPS Priority Mail.

First-Class Package Service: $5.85, up to a weight of 14 pounds; length 15 inches by 6½” wide by 3⅞”.

Priority mail: $6.35 for shipments under 1 pound; between 1 and 5 pounds -$7.; over 5 pounds – up to 20 lbs., flat rate box is extra, shipping price varies according to item’s weight or value ( estimated $35).

Parcel Select: USPS Priority Mail is available for packages up to 20 pounds and a length of 12″ by 6½”. For heavier shipments, the flat rate box can be purchased as an additional option.


A big question on everyone’s mind is how much does it cost to ship shoes? In order to answer this question, you need to know how much weight your package weighs.

This will give you an idea of the shipping costs associated with a particular item. If you’re sending a large or heavy item, then the shipping costs will be higher than if it was lightweight and small.

Shipping shoes to your home or business can be a complex process, so you need to do your best in search of the best way and shipping the items.

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