Top 7 Best Cycling Shoes for Narrow Feet In 2022

If you could buy one pair of the best cycling shoes for narrow feet, what would they be and why? On many occasions, this question may poke your mind deeply.

Well, we have taken an apt initiative to satisfy your inquisitive mind. Here, this article is the key to your query. You know what; many cyclists face the problem of finding the right pair of cycling shoes.

In fact, the best comfortable cycling shoes will fit feet. It is because the particular shoes can enrich your cycling experience effectively.

We all know that cycling is a healthy and inexpensive form of exercise. Truly, many people find it as an apt way to weight loss and cardiovascular health.

So, a good pair of cycling shoes is an exigent for them. So, let’s find every detail regarding effective cycling shoes. Don’t forget to read about the best cycling shoes for plantar fasciitis which can ease your pain.

Top 7 Best Cycling Shoes for Narrow Feet 2022 Reviews

best cycling shoes for narrow feet

An apt model of cycling shoes can contain several features. In addition, it may offer you sever facilities. Therefore, you must decide which option is better for you.

The best way to decide is to intensively explore the market. But sometimes, it is really hard for cyclists to do the study work. With their help, we have started this phase.

Here, we have enlisted the narrow-width cycling shoes which are best for your feet. You know what; as with most things in life, there is no one size fits all. Some shoes may be ideal for tall riders, and some will suit narrow feet better.

This article looks at the different types of cycling shoes available today those work best for narrow feet. So, let’s check out the next lines.

1. TOMMASO PISTA Women’s Indoor Cycling Shoe – Overall Best Cycling Shoes for Narrow Feet 

Tommaso Pista Women's Road Bike Cycling Spin Shoe Dual Cleat Compatibility- Black/Blue - 36

While exploring the market for the best cycling shoes, we gained this model. Above all, this cycling shoe contains features that are highly workable for a woman rider.

You know what; this type of shoe should be not only comfortable but also full of quality materials. Therefore, this TOMMASO PISTA can be a perfect example of cycling shoes.

Nowadays, women have been cycling over the years in an increasing number. For them, this model is the ideal shoe to get in shape or just have fun riding their bike indoors. In addition, it is a very light and comfortable shoe for both training and racing.

Meanwhile, this shoe comes in from synthetic leather, with a Velcro strap. After that, you can fasten the upper to the sole using this strap.

Certainly, it is a performance enhancer shoe for those who want to improve their pedal stroke and cadence.

Things We Like:

  • You will find this cycling shoe as the most effective performance enhancer for the women’s rider.
  • This model has a soft, contented, and breathable mesh upper with an easy-to-use hook and loop closure system.
  • The manufacturer has crafted this model to fit both road and mountain bike riders.
  • It will offer an optimal combination of comfort and support for all types of riding styles.

Things We Don’t Like:

  • This cycling shoe is a little weighty in comparison with other shoes for riding.

Why Is It Recommended?

Most importantly, the manufacturer has used an elastic, durable material in the upper of this shoe. After that, it helps your feet stay locked in place while you are pedaling.

Besides, the lacing system on the shoe allows you to tighten the laces to create a snug fit. That is why; we have enlisted this model.

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2. Gavin Road Bike Mesh Cycling Shoes – Most Comfortable Cycling Shoes for Narrow Feet 

Gavin Road Bike Mesh Cycling Shoes Mens Womens

Gavin, a reputed brand, has crafted this pair of shoes as one of the most comfortable cycling shoes. Most importantly, it has a four-way stretch mesh upper.

In fact, the upper is lightweight and breathable. Besides, the dual-density cushioning system provides both support and comfort. This model also features iconic eyelets for ventilation.

If you desire the option to lace uptight for a snug fit, then it is the right one. You know what; it is a different kind of cycling shoe. This pair of shoes looks super cool. In addition, the shoes have an innovative heel-to-toe strapping system.

However, Gavin has added some other features as well. Above all, it ensures the best level of ankle protection. Besides, it assists the rider in keeping moving forward. In this way, this cycling shoe has gained much attention and love from cyclists.

Things We Like:

  • It is an apt cycling shoe for men and women to provide an enjoyable experience in riding.
  • The manufacturer has used a breathable mesh upper to ensure maximum comfort and protection.
  • This unique pair of cycling shoes have added a flexible midsole with responsive cushioning.
  • You will find that it has a heel stabilizer for a secure fit and control on the pedals.

Things We Don’t Like:

  • You have the affordability to grab this cycling shoe because it comes at a high price.

Why Is It Recommended?

Here, the prime fact is that this model features many workable things. For instance, we can name an injection-molded plastic outsole and lightweight EVA midsole with air-mesh technology. Besides, this model has a rubber toe cap for extra protection. Therefore, we recommend this model to the users.

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3. FIZIK R1 UOMO BOA Road Cycling Shoes – Great for Endurance Cycling Training

Fizik R1 UOMO BOA Road Cycling Shoes, White/White, Size 40 White/White

Well, our list of the best cycling shoes for narrow feet includes a premium model from FIZIK. Certainly, this model contains amazing features for the riders. It brings together technology and comfort to create the perfect cycling shoe.

You know what; FIZIZ is a brand that has a promise to deliver new innovations in riding apparel. Therefore, this brand has combined its expertise to craft the shoes.

Most importantly, it features high-end materials and construction techniques. Besides, this model comes with the efficacy of closure and fit. This model shows a premium look and robust uppers.

Above all, the manufacturer has built it to give you more control over the bike.

Lastly, the soles of this model are utterly soft but strong. Therefore, you will not find that the soles decay very slowly. Here, the stylish pattern is the core fact to consider. Besides, the cyclist will have five different color options to choose one.

Things We Like:

  • You can grab an apt shoe from the most popular and trusted brands in the world.
  • This cycling shoe from FIZIK comes with a trendy fit, luxury, sturdiness, and stylish design.
  • The lightweight body construction of this shoe allows you to easily carry it from one place to another.
  • Its carbon fiber sole offers optimal power transfer and maximum energy return to your pedal stroke.

Things We Do Not Like:

  • The closure strap of this shoe is a little weak, and the stitched lining is not good enough.

Why Is It Recommended?

This model is such a running shoe that it is optimal for both road and mountain bike riding. Here, it stores an aluminum frame to rally the stability on the wet road.

Besides, its flanged edge will deliver better traction on dry roads. So, you can pick this model for cycling.

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4. Women’s Genius 7 Shadow – Best Women’s Road Cycling Shoes for Narrow Feet

Women's Genius 7 Shadow Road Cycling Shoes (38.5, White)

If you are out for a quick spin, then you need cycling shoes. In this case, this model can be your desired shoe for riding. You know what; this model combines rich materials which enable it to wear every time.

Likewise, these narrow-fit cycling shoes are apt and compact for any occasion. Obviously, it enhances the superior beauty of the women’s rider.

However, you can find it as the most lucrative shoe. But, this model is available only in two colors. In addition, it offers an ergonomic fit.

After that, its functional design enables it to be the right choice for women. Well, you can purchase this model in the market or online platform.

You know what; this model has got an aerodynamic shape for road cycling. Therefore, you can consider this model as the creation for speed.

On every occasion, you can use this pair of shoes for more practical benefits. Thus, the price you pay ensures rich services.

Things We Like:

  • This cycling shoe has a sporty look and is very comfortable to wear for the women’s rider.
  • Here, the manufacturer offers this shoe to the rides at a very affordable price.
  • Most cyclists prefer this pair of shoes for having a long ride through roads or mountains.
  • It can cope with every kind of weather condition and deliver precious support to the users.

Things We Don’t Like:

  • The manufacturer has crafted this model only to be suitable and compact for women.

Why Is It Recommended?

Now, we have lots of reasons to recommend this cycling shoe to users. You know what; it features a narrowing foot shape. Thus, it becomes compact and fit for women.

Additionally, it has an instep heel cup for safety. Above all, you can adjust the tightness by using its two-way buckles. In every way, it is an amazing cycling shoe.

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5. TOMMASO STRADA 100 Dual Cleat Cycling Shoe – Best Shoes for Peloton 

Tommaso Strada 100 Dual Cleat Compatible Indoor Cycling Class Ready Bike Shoe - Look Delta - 44

Now, we have brought another model from the reputed brand TOMMASO. Above all, the quality material is the key factor in crafting the best road cycling shoe for narrow feet.

Here, this model also carries the legacy of this brand. At first glance, your attention will surely go to its eye-catching body construction. In fact, the manufacturer has decorated this shoe beautifully.

It’s aesthetic appeal comes from the collaboration of combined modern technology and pure elements.

You know what; the all-rounder efficacy of this model can enrich your riding experience. By wearing these shoes, you can ride on the trainer or on the road confidently.

From adjustable footbeds to customizable cleats, every element of this innovative model is handy for enhanced performance.

Obviously, you will not need to worry about blisters or hot spots because of its protective heels. After that, these cycling shoes gain the trust of the users.

Things We Like:

  • You can observe that this cycling shoe has a triple Velcro strap to adjust with your feet.
  • It will set optimal comfort while pedaling with the foot in an anatomical position.
  • The efficacy of this pair of shoes is shock-absorbing facility and reduction of vibration.
  • It will keep your feet dry and cool even after using the shoes for a long time.

Things We Do Not Like:                           

  • The sole of this shoe is not that stiff, what a user usually desires.

Why Is It Recommended?

This cycling shoe has come to fit in with the brand’s apparel. But you can use it with your trendy attire as well. Besides, it can aid you with huge facilities. If you like a unique option to complement your wardrobe collection, it might be the right one.

Expert Score
Value for money9.6
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6. TOMMASO STRADA Aria Knit – Best Lace Up Indoor Cycling Shoe

Tommaso Strada Aria Knit Lace Up Indoor Cycling Shoe with Delta Cleat, Black - 43

Certainly, this model is one of the best indoor cycling shoes. As a reputed brand, TOMMASO has the vision to craft customizable shoes. It means you can modify your pair of shoes based on your need.

In this continuation, the manufacturer has entered the market with a wide range of products. Here is their current line-up of this model.

It is such a boot that allows the rider to pedal comfortably. Here, the most amazing thing is that it weighs only a few grams. Most importantly, the manufacturer has used water-repellent suede and polyamide.

On the other hand, it has added a long-lasting sole with good grip even in muddy conditions. You can grab this cycling shoe in three separate versions.

That is why; this model is one of the best-selling shoes in the market. Above all, it is a precious model which serves with key features.

Things We Like:

  • TOMMASO has crafted this narrow-fit cycling shoe for indoor cycling and peloton.
  • You will find that the brand has used XD-Knit technology to increase the efficacy of this model.
  • It will force the riders to exercise their full range of muscles, which is effective for the workout.
  • This cycling shoe will bring amazing versatility to your lifestyle and touring accurately.

Things We Do Not Like:                           

  • It is not the easiest cycling shoes for the users to put on or take it off.

Why Is It Recommended?

Our study has proved that most smart riders like this pair of shoes highly. It is because this model ensures the apt mix of style and performance. With its high-quality and superb design, it can be handy for the riders. That is why; we have enlisted it as the right one.

Expert Score
Value for money9.6
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7. Gavin Road Cycling Shoe – Best Cycling Shoes for Long Ride

Gavin Road Cycling Shoe SPD or Look Compatible Black

This model, with apt features, has become one of the best cycling shoes on the road for narrow feet. Here, this cycling shoe has entered the industry with an unusual design.

The first thing you notice about the shoe is that it looks like a normal running shoe. Besides, it has the efficacy to retain your feet dry and cool throughout a long ride.

On the other hand, it has two laces. But, the top part of each one is open. In addition, this model includes Velcro straps to attach to your feet. You observe that it has a sturdy steel toe cap to protect your toes in case of a crash.

You know what; the cyclists find this model as the handy one for mountain cycle riding. Therefore, most of them collect this shoe for intensive use.

In addition, you can name this model as a confidence booster. Truly, this model is a perfect example of superior footwear.

Things We Like:

  • The weight of this pair of shoes is very low compared to other cycling shoes on the market.
  • You can wear this cycling shoe all day without dealing with any big issues, actually.
  • The user reviews clearly prove that this shoe can help increase riding efficacy.
  • This model is highly compatible with SPD to enrich the overall show of the cyclist.

Things We Don’t Like:                           

  • You will find that this pair is not highly durable to deliver continuous service for a long.

Why Is It Recommended?

Through a gradual process, this cycling shoe will become the ultimate choice for road cyclists. It is because; it includes features like a heel cup and traction enhancer. However, this model will maximize your pedaling efficiency.

Expert Score
Value for money9.4
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What Factors Should We Consider When Buying the Best Cycling Shoes for Narrow Feet?

best cycling shoes for narrow feet

Well, narrow feet are a common problem for many people. For this reason, it is essential to have the best road cycling shoes for narrow feet.

However, not all products are suitable for narrow feet. Therefore, if you are looking for the best cycling shoes for narrow feet, you must consider some factors before making your final decision.

You know what; the best cycling shoes without clips will contain those factors. For instance, price, materials, and some other things can be considered facts.

Here, it is exigent because the things directly impact the performance. So, let’s check out those crucial factors in the following lines.

  • Materials:

Firstly, the cyclists must check out the materials of the narrow-fit cycling shoes very carefully. You know what; these shoes are not a fashion accessory.

But they are a pair of footwear that you wear to keep your feet safe. Besides, it ensures the longevity of the services.

That is why; the materials are a crucial fact. For instance, these things can be leather, suede, canvas, and other materials.

These materials affect the fit and comfort of your riding shoes. So, it is necessary to consider the material while buying a cycling shoe.

  • Closure System:

Secondly, the fact comes in line because of its necessity. Here, the prime is that this module will ensure the safety of your feet.

The closure system of the cycling shoes lets the foot easily close. Thus, the shoes remain attached to the feet accurately.

However, this system may come in the form of Velcro or buckles. Besides, it can include a fastener to tighten and loosen the cleat. Thus, a closure system of outdoor cycling shoes works actually.

  • Fit and Ventilation:

At this point, you have to find a pair that is fit for your feet. In addition, the cycling shoes must have a proper ventilation system.

Truly, this system in cycling shoes keeps your feet cool and dry. Here, the air circulation remains intake in the right shoes.

Moreover, if the shoes fit your feet, then you will grab maximum safety. While pedaling, the fit and ventilation system work to ensure comfort and protection.

  • Sole Stiffness:

It is the amount of energy that is transferred from the pedal stroke to the shoe sole. The higher the stiffness, the less energy is transferred to the sole.

Thus, it ensures a softer and more compliant ride. For a cycling enthusiast, there is nothing more important than a good pair of cycling shoes.

That is why; the sole stiffness of the cycling shoes should come at a desirable level. Besides, you must check the solid base of the sole as well. So, you should consider this thing carefully.

Frequently Asked Question

How Snug May Cycling Shoes Be?

Answer: The snugness of cycling shoes will vary depending on your foot size and riding style. However, generally, you should aim to fit your cycling shoes snugly. But, it should not be so tight that it seems to be uncomfortable.

Should My Toes Meet The End Of My Cycling Shoes?

Answer: Actually, it is not much essential. Well, some cyclists prefer to keep their toes close to the end of their shoes to improve stability and grip.

Conversely, others may feel more comfortable with having space between their toes and the end of their shoes.

What Occurs If Cycling Shoes Are Too Vast?

Answer: If cycling shoes are too big, the cyclist may experience discomfort and even pain when wearing them. Over time, this can lead to further injury.

Besides, wearing cycling shoes that are too big can also cause your feet to swell and cause ankle instability.


At this point, we have gained several proofs that the best cycling shoes for narrow feet help to perform better. In fact, many people have narrow feet.

Therefore, they find it difficult to fit into some of the most popular cycling shoes available.

Fortunately, there are plenty of options out there that can cater to your needs. Well, we have shown some of those shoes in the above lines.

However, we can still point to the market’s best footwear for cycling. You know what; Gavin Road Cycling Shoe will be the workable collection for the cyclists.

Here, this model comes in lightweight body construction. SO, it is now your turn to grab the best summer cycling shoes.


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