The 8 Best 5k Running Shoes Reviews and Buying Guide

If you’re an avid runner, you’ve probably tried a lot of different shoes in the past few years.

New technology, materials, and designs are constantly changing the running shoe industry.

It is important to know what is currently on the market so that you can make an informed decision when shopping for new running shoes.

The 8 Best 5k Running Shoes included in this guide are the shoe to buy if you’re a serious runner.

No matter what your fitness level, you’ll find these shoes ideal for running on trails, asphalt, and road.

best long distance running shoes

They are all made of lightweight materials and have a great grip so that they don’t slip out of your hands when you run. 

All of them have fast response time and good cushioning so that you can enjoy running no matter how long or hard it is. Don’t forget to read the Best 10k Running Shoes.

Top 8 Best 5k Running Shoes For Long Distance Running

1. New Balance Men’s Long Distance 5k V7 Running Shoe

New Balance Men's Long Distance 5K V7 Running Shoe, Black/White, 6.5 M US

Looking to crush your next long-distance race? Look no further than the New Balance Men’s 5k V7 Running Shoe.

With a 50/50 synthetic and mesh upper, this shoe is designed to keep your feet cool and comfortable even when you’re pushing yourself to the limit.

And, if things get a bit too rough along the way, the full-length plate with removable spikes can give you that extra edge you need to come out on top.

Best of all, this shoe comes in some new seasonal colors, so you’ll be looking good as you cross the finish line.

A racing shoe designed for the long haul, the New Balance LD5Kv7 is perfect for runners looking for a lightweight and breathable option that won’t slow them down.

The aggressive tread gives you the traction you need to make it to the finish line first, while the engineered knit upper offers superior ventilation and drainage in all conditions.

You’ll love the snug fit of New Balance Men’s 5k V7 Running Shoe. It’s designed with a new collar for a sleek and snug fit around the heel, ensuring that you’re secure in even the most active race environments.

Plus, you’ll appreciate the responsive cushioning and durable construction that will keep you going mile after mile.


  • Made with a 50/50 blend of synthetic and mesh materials
  • Features a full-length plate with removable spikes
  • This shoe comes in some new seasonal colors


  • Making it durable and lightweight
  • You can customize your level of traction
  • Best for the most active race environments

2. Under Armour Men’s Surge 2 Running Shoe

Under Armour Men's Surge 2 Running Shoe, Pitch Gray (100)/White, 10.5

Expert Score
Light weight9.7
For working out9.3
Value for money9.3

You’ll surge ahead of the competition with Under Armour Men’s Surge 2 Running Shoes. These sleek and sporty shoes are perfect for runners of all levels, with lightweight construction and a rubber sole that provides traction and durability.

Under Armour’s Men’s Surge 2 Shoes provide a flexible, cushioned, and versatile running experience. The lightweight, breathable mesh upper ensures your feet stay cool and comfortable mile after mile.

When you’re looking for a shoe that will help you reach your next running goal, the Under Armour Men’s Surge 2 Running Shoe is a perfect choice.

With an external heel counter for support and structure, as well as enhanced cushioning around the ankle collar, this shoe ensures superior comfort no matter how far you run.

Plus, a full-length EVA sock liner provides an extra layer of cushioning and a custom fit.


  • The lightweight and breathable mesh upper
  • The external heel counter provides additional support
  • Enhanced cushioning around the ankle collar


  • Perfect balance of flexibility, cushioning, and versatility
  • Keeps your feet feeling fresh mile after mile
  • Ensures superior comfort

3. Mizuno Men’s Wave Creation 20 Knit Running Shoe

Mizuno mens Wave Creation 20 Knit Running Shoe, Black-stormy Weather, 9 US

Expert Score
Value for money8.9

When you lace up in a pair of Mizuno Men’s Wave Creation 20 Knit Shoes, you’re guaranteed an incredibly comfortable run.

The shoes are made with 100% synthetic materials and a rubber sole to keep your feet cushioned and supported throughout your stride.

Plus, the knit upper ensures a snug fit and plenty of breathabilities to keep your feet happy on long runs.

The Wave Knit Upper on these Mizuno Men’s Running Shoes is designed to fit your foot like a glove, while still being super breathable. Plus, you’ll love the amazing cushioning and stability of the Wave Creation 20.

If I talk about a running shoe that will keep your feet feeling as good as they look, the Mizuno Men’s Wave Creation 20 Knit is a perfect choice.

With its advanced cushioning system and seamless knit construction, this shoe will help you achieve a smooth, comfortable stride every time you hit the pavement.

So, step out in style and performance with the Mizuno Wave Creation 20 Knit Running Shoe.


  • Incredible WAVE KNIT Upper
  • Mizuno’s legendary Wave technology
  • The Wave Creation series for the absolute max


  • This shoe will contour to your foot
  • Being super breathable at the same time
  • You’ll get unbeatable cushioning with every step

4. Mizuno Men’s Wave Inspire 16 Road Running Shoe

Mizuno Men's Wave Inspire 16 WAVEKNIT Road Running Shoe, Highrise-Glacier Grey, 12 D US

Looking for a road running shoe with superior cushioning and responsiveness? Look no further than the Mizuno Men’s Wave Inspire 16 Running Shoe.

Featuring Energy Foam, this shoe delivers an extra spring in your step, making it easier to take on those long runs.

Plus, the rubber sole ensures that you’ll stay stable and grounded even on wet or uneven surfaces.

So if you’re looking for a shoe that will help you achieve your personal best, look no further than the Mizuno Men’s Wave Inspire 16 Shoe.

This innovative shoe features a U4ic Midsole, delivering optimal shock reduction, durability, and a superior ride.

Plus, it’s innovatively light, well-cushioned, responsive, and resilient – perfect for runners of all levels.

The X10 Outsole ensures durable carbon rubber that allows for longer wear, while the Fan Wave Plate provides superior cushioning and stability.

And, the Engineered Mesh Upper is not only breathable but also durable for high performance.


  • Made with U4ic and U4icX technologies
  • Fan Wave Plate technology to provide cushioning
  • An Engineered Mesh Upper for breathability


  • Great running shoes
  • Making it more responsive and springy
  • It also features a durable X10 carbon rubber outsole

5. New Balance Men’s Minimus 10 V1 Trail Running Shoe

New Balance Women's Minimus 10 V1 Trail Running Shoe, Black/Neo Violet, 5 M US

Expert Score
For working out9.3

No matter what you call it, one thing is for sure: this shoe is something special. It looks like a runner, but it feels like a dream.

When you run in the Minimus 10 V1, you’ll feel light and airy, as if you were floating on air.

The shoe’s patented technology creates that “natural” feel, which means you get to focus on your form and enjoy the run.

Not only does the cushioning keep your feet feeling good, but the Minimus 10 V1 Trail Running Shoe is a great choice for runners who want a lightweight shoe that won’t weigh them down.

To help you go even further, we offer a variety of sports shoes to choose from. The Minimus 10 V1 Trail Running Shoe features a lightweight sole that not only supports your foot but provides traction and stability while you’re out on the trail.

You can even find this brand of sports shoes in a wide variety of color combinations and designs as well, which is sure to keep you looking good while you’re getting the job done.

This shoe cushioning is engineered with a full-length, metatomical footbed for a sock-like fit, natural motion, and a more natural foot position for runners that want more energy return and a firmer, more stable feel through the midfoot.

This shoe has been cut to provide the right amount of stability and cushioning to support you as you tackle the challenges.

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  • It has a durable canvas upper
  • Durable midsole
  • Full-length, metatomical footbed cushioning


  • Ensures breathable fresh air circulation
  • Prevents foot sweat and ground blisters
  • Provides shock absorption and comfort during long runs

6. Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Qt Racer 

adidas Women's QT Racer 2.0 Running Shoe, Grey/White/Grey, 8

Expert Score
For working out9.0

Adidas has been producing some of the most iconic sneakers since 1949. And, We’re not just talking about the shoes; they’re some of the most well-loved brands in the world, so you know that they make all types of products.

The Adidas Cloudfoam QT Racer is a shoe that is perfect for all kinds of everyday activities.

It’s a shoe that will work well with both casual and athletic outfits, which makes it a great choice for men and women.

Adidas is known for its reliable and sturdy running shoes. This model was specifically designed for runners, who need to look at how they perform in their daily routine.

The Cloudfoam is a lightweight and supportive running shoe perfect for the job.

The Adidas Cloudfoam QT is a lightweight, supportive and comfortable running shoe that fits like a glove.

Knit upper provides a soft, natural feel while the full-length Boost midsole delivers responsive cushioning.


  • Platform, Boot opening 0-3 inches
  • Knit Textile
  • With a hook-and-loop closure


  • Light and flexible
  • Provides enough support for your foot
  • Lightweight knit upper with breathability panels

7. Under Armour Men’s Charged Rogue Running Shoe

Under Armour Men's Charged Rogue Running Shoe, Jet Gray (100)/White, 7

The Under Armour Men’s Charged Rogue Running Shoe is designed for the athlete looking for a lightweight, low-profile shoe.

The Rogue Running Shoe is a 100% Synthetic shoe with an imported rubber sole. Shoe shaft measures approximately low-top from the arch.

The Charged Cushioning midsole provides responsive, lightweight cushioning.

This running shoe is engineered with a mesh upper that is lightweight and breathable. The Charged Cushioning midsole provides a plush feel and the Charged Foam is responsive and resilient.

The Rogue Running Shoe is a lightweight running shoe with an external heel counter for additional support that keeps the back of the foot locked in place.


  • 100% synthetic imported shoe with a rubber sole
  • Engineered with a lightweight mesh upper
  • It has a rubber sole and a low-top shaft


  • It’s time to go rogue
  • Built for the neutral runner
  • Looking to take on any terrain

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8. Saucony Men’s Cohesion 10 Running Shoe

Saucony Men's Cohesion 10 Running Shoe, Grey/Silver, 12

Expert Score
For working out9.5

The Saucony Cohesion 10 Running Shoe is designed to provide a lightweight and comfortable ride with a synthetic upper and a rubber sole.

The shoe is ideal for running and walking and is available in a variety of colors.

The Saucony Cohesion 10 is a trail-specific shoe with a Hell GRID system that offers stable cushioning.

The outsole is designed for maximum traction and the upper is made of breathable mesh.

One thing you’ll notice is a lightweight, low-profile design that offers maximum flexibility.

The breathable mesh upper provides ventilation to keep your feet cool and dry while the lightweight EVA midsole provides cushioning.


  • A synthetic upper, and a rubber sole
  • Breathable mesh upper provides ventilation
  • The lightweight EVA midsole provides cushioning


  • It features a trail specific outsole for enhanced grip
  • Keeps your feet cool and dry
  • Designed for trails

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are good running shoes so important?

Good running shoes are essential for any runner. They need to be comfortable, flexible, and durable. They should also have good cushioning and a good level of support.

Some benefits of wearing running shoes are:

  • They reduce the risk of injury by absorbing shock during impact and prevent unnecessary strain on the foot, ankle, knee, or hip joints.

  • It helps you maintain proper form by providing the necessary stability and support.

  • Good running shoes will help you run faster because they have a better ability to transfer force from your foot to the ground while minimizing energy loss as heat in your body that occurs when weight is distributed unevenly over each step (commonly known as “hot spots”).

How do you pick the right running shoes for you?

5k Running Shoes

There are many factors that you should consider when picking the right running shoes for you. Some of these include:

• How much money do you want to spend?

• What kind of training do you have planned?

• What type of terrain will your runs be on?

• Do you prefer a minimalistic shoe or a shoe with extra cushioning and support?

How much money do you want to spend?

There are many factors that will affect the price of running shoes. First, you need to determine your personal budget for running shoes.

The type of shoe and brand will also be dependent on this budget. For example, if you want to buy a Nike shoe then it would cost more than Adidas shoes because Nike is considered as one of the best brands in the market.

What kind of training do you have planned?

The other factor that will influence the price is what kind of surface you plan to run on. If you run on concrete surfaces or hard surfaces, then it would cost more because these surfaces are harder to grip and are made out of a stronger material, which makes them more durable for running purposes.

What type of terrain will your runs be on?

Trails are used in all types of terrain, including hilly, mountainous and flat. There are a few factors that will determine the type of terrain you will run on.

There is always going to be some variation depending on where you live in relation to where your favorite running store might be located nearby, so make sure that you do some research before deciding which size and model would suit your needs best.

Do you prefer a minimalistic shoe or a shoe with extra cushioning and support?

5k Running Shoes

In order to answer this, we need to understand what the term “minimalistic” means.

To be considered a minimalist shoe, it should have a few features, such as no laces, no buckles or straps and very little cushioning.

A shoe with extra cushioning and support is better for those who are experiencing foot pain or heel pain.

How long do running shoes last?

Running shoes are designed to be worn for about 300-500 miles, depending on the model.

If you are running more than that, it is recommended to replace them after 400-500 miles. After that, you should consider replacing them with a new pair.


Running is one of the most popular sports in the world. There are many events that involve running, such as 5Ks, 10Ks, half marathons and more.

If you’ve been thinking about getting into running, you might want to consider trying out a 5K.

These races are fun and easy to participate in. You don’t have to be an elite runner to do well at these races; anyone can get involved and have a great time.

Whether you run alone or with friends, it’s always good to have some nice running shoes on hand. This blog post showed you find the pair of best 5K running shoes for your needs and budget.


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