About Us

When you want to buy shoes, I find your perfect pair of shoes. I know there are a lot of choices out there for shoes, but I’m here to make the process easier. It’s my job to find the perfect pair of shoes for you – ones that match your style, needs, and budget.

Here, I (Leather Technologist and Footwear Engineer) am trying to provide the best reviews about the shoes. Therefore I’m helping our readers to get the best information. I always try to research in all possible ways to get the best information.

What is the Aim of the Shoe Buying Guide?

The motto of the Shoe Buying Guide is to collect information on different types of best shoes available in the market. Even not only collecting the information but trying to fetch the best possible information about the designs and their specifications. The best part: I always work to hand test every shoe before writing a review.

What Else Will One Get Here?

Apart from the reviews, one will be able to get the best product information that is available on a different E-commerce website. I also try to get all the info from E-commerce websites to write the specifications and features correctly.

Why Are We Reviewing?

The aim behind reviewing the product is that I have seen many people asking different questions regarding the best shoes. It becomes challenging to choose the best of all. Therefore if the buyer has the correct information, then it will help to select the efficient product as per the requirement.

Where Shoe Buying Guide Wants to Reach?

When I start a journey, I never think that there is an end to this journey. I want to interact with my readers whenever they want. It will be a long journey while reviewing the product because there is a new product on the market every second day. Therefore as the product comes into the market, it is our responsibility to review it for the readers.

I hope that my blogs and reviews are helping you a lot and making your feet healthy.