What Shoes Do Physical Therapists Wear?

Have you ever wondered what shoes do physical therapists wear? Physical therapists are always on their feet and must take care of them as well. Therefore, it’s important to wear the best shoes for physical therapy that you can find.

There are many types of shoes that physical therapists wear depending on what they are doing and where they’re going.

Here we will give you some tips about what type of shoes a therapist should wear based on their profession and what they do in the workplace.

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Shoes for Physical Therapists

The physical therapist needs to wear shoes that are comfortable but have the support they need for their job. What shoes do a physical therapist wear that is so remarkable to follow to be a good therapist?

Physical therapy is a profession that requires the use of your hands and feet.

You spend all day on your feet, so it’s important to have comfortable footwear. A good pair of shoes can make all the difference in how you feel at the end of the day.

In this article, we will explore some of the best shoes for physical therapists and what they should wear on their feet!

Why Do Physical Therapists Suggest Shoes?

Why Do Physical Therapists Suggest Shoes?

Shoes for standing all day: Many physical therapists work in offices and are on their feet the whole time. This is why it’s important to find shoes that will keep them comfortable, but also provide support.

A good example of this type of shoe would be a walking or running shoe with arch supports, heel cushioning, shock absorption gel inserts. These types of features can help alleviate some pain associated with long hours spent working on your feet.

Athletic shoes: When you’re not only wearing athletic footwear as part of your job description (playing sports), they might also be appropriate to wear if you need to move quickly from one place to another throughout the day due to emergencies.

In either case, make sure they have enough room for your toes and that they are comfortable.

Shoes for wet environments: If you work in a healthcare facility or occupational therapy clinic, then you might be required to wear protective gear such as gait belts or shoe covers when entering patient rooms.

This is why it’s important to find shoes with slip resistance, so the wearer doesn’t risk falling on their bum while trying to walk around them.

Dress shoes: Dress shoes are probably what most people would consider appropriate footwear for professionals who spend long hours working at an office desk all day – but this isn’t always true!

In some cases, physical therapists may need these types of formal clothes depending on where they work (for example, orthopedic clinics). Keep in mind that there should be extra space for your toes and that they should be comfortable.

Different Types of Appropriate Shoes for Physical Therapists

Skechers Performance Go Walk 4 Shoes

Skechers Performance Men's Go Walk 4 Incredible Walking Shoe, Black, 10.5 M US

As a physical therapist, you are constantly on your feet and need shoes that can keep up with the demands of your profession.

Skechers understand this and has created footwear for those in health care professions. The company offers simple designs which not only stand out as being professional but also get the job done!

What Shoes Do Physical Therapists Wear?

Trust me when I say this slip-one will save your time – no more tying laces or worrying about how dirty they make your hands look after taking them off!


  • The 5GEN midsole cushioning makes it easier to be on your feet all day.
  • The shoes also come with a featherweight sock liner
  • And Gel-Infused Memory Foam for added comfort.
  • A rubber Outsole should offer sufficient traction, too!

Saucony Women’s Cohesion 10 Running Shoes

Saucony Women's Cohesion 10 Running Shoe, Grey/Teal/Citron, 8.5 D - Wide

Saucony is the best shoe for physical therapists who need to run at a moment’s notice.

Saucony has been innovating footwear since their founding in 1898, and they are still going strong today.

The goal of Saucony has always been to create new technologies that optimize performance in specific activities; as you can imagine, this includes shoes!


  • The sleek and flexible design of the Nike Air Pegasus 93 is ideal for runners, joggers, or walkers looking to stay cool even on hot days.
  • The triplex system provides an excellent shock absorption feature so you can keep going without worrying about foot pain during your workout.
  • Padded collar and tongue ensure that these shoes are comfortable from top-to-bottom while dual-density Heel Grid technology offers a stable cushioning experience as well as flexibility with every step.

Tiosebon Women Athletic Walking Shoes

TIOSEBON Women's Athletic Walking Shoes Casual Mesh-Comfortable Work Sneakers 6 US Gray

When it comes to quality, comfort, and innovative design in a slip-on sandal, look no further than Tiosebon.

They pursue designs that are simple yet stylish for people who want their feet free but still have protection from the elements with socks or tights. Try out this brand next time you’re looking for footwear!


  • The mesh upper and pigskin insole make the shoe lightweight, comfortable, breathable, and durable.
  • The Latex arch insert provides adjustable support for a snug but comfortable fit while the MD outsole is durable with exceptional responsiveness.

Dr. Scholl’s Men’s Brisk Dual Strap Sneakers

Dr. Scholl's - Men's Brisk Light Weight Dual Strap Sneaker, Wide Width (11 Wide, Black)

William Scholl, the founder of Dr. Scholl’s podiatry products and shoe brand, began his career by creating an open-toe sandal that was actually good for your feet (It was in the ’60s – it had to be).

Even today, they continue this tradition with shoes that are both fashionable and functional. Their footwear feels just as comfy at day’s end as it does when you put them on first thing in the morning!


  • The Air-Pillow Gel insole provides a cushioned, comfortable fit that will keep you upright all day with its dual strap closures.
  • The mesh upper is protective and breathable while the leather overlay offers durability for long-lasting wear.

New Balance Women’s WW577 Hook and Loop Walking Shoe

New Balance womens 577 V1 Hook and Loop Walking Shoe, White, 8.5 Wide US

New Balance is a company that loves how its shoes fit. They want you to feel as comfortable in your shoe as they are, and will do anything to make sure of it.

With many options for people who need therapeutic footwear, New Balance helps others with therapy feet get through each day easily while also helping aid them on a daily basis by providing assistance for those working closely with athletes during practice or competition time.


  • This shoe is made with a hook-and-loop strap that will make it easy to put them on and take them off.
  • The padded tongue and collar are designed for your comfort, while the cushioning makes you feel like you’re walking in clouds!
  • An outsole flex groove also assists in natural movement.


Final Verdict

So finally what do you think about what shoes do a physical therapist wears? As the best physical therapist, one should choose the right one for his shoe selection, as this selection depends much on his successful career.

Right selection always leads to the right one and, as an expert physical therapist, one should choose the right.


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