A Guide to Determine the Shoes for Pigeon Toed Toddler

Pigeon toed their expected condition in the first six months, and there was nothing to worry about. The thing to worry about is the best shoes for pigeon toed toddlers.

Pigeon toe is a condition in which your infant turns his/her feet in an inwards position while walking and standing.

And according to studies, there is no need for any treatment in this condition. It will automatically cure with no medical treatment.

However, you need to look for the best pair of shoes for toed pigeon toddlers for a comfortable walk. Finding the right choice is difficult at all. You can face a lot of misfit shoes during your experiments.

However, here we have compiled a list of pigeon toed shoes that will help you find the perfect shoes for your kid. So please have a look at our best recommendations.

Here Is The List of The Top 7 Best Shoes For Pigeon Toed Toddler

1. Nerteo Toddler/Little Kid Running Sneakers

Nerteo has grown into a prominent name in the market. And for providing your child comfort, then they don’t compromise on quality.

Their shoes can be used for different outdoor and indoor activities. These stretchable shoes from Nerteo are one of the best pigeon toed toddlers shoes.

Top features:

  • Material: Everyone knows kids don’t like to walk; they only want to run. And these Nerteo shoes are made with flexible material, making them perfect for running. The flexibility also helps while wearing the shoe. The sole comprises rubber, which also absorbs the shock while running, providing your kid an excellent experience of walking.
  • Breathability: The second best thing about these kids’ shoes is that they have excellent breathability. They just let the air in through the knitted material used in the construction. This means that your kid’s feet won’t get sweaty.
  • Comfortable and fashionable: Nerteo Toddler shoes are not just comfortable running or walking; they are very stylish. They have got an element of style to them which you can’t ignore.
  • Laceless: Nereto toddler shoes come without laces, which makes them more comfortable to wear. Kids don’t have to wear them.

Top Benefits:

  • Best for running: We made the shoes of a flexible material that makes them very comfortable running and playing around. The rubber sole acts as a shock absorber while running, providing an extraordinary running experience to the child.
  • Easy to wear and take off: The upper and the back support are flexible, making the shoe comfortable to put on and take off. So your child can do it by himself. And also there are no laces, so you don’t have to worry about them.
  • Sweat-free experience: The upper of the shoe has a breathable material that provides a sweat-free experience to your child.


  • Laceless
  • Comfortable
  • Breathable


  • Since it’s laceless, the strip will wear out.

 2. Hawkwell Kids Outdoor Hiking Shoe

These Hawkwell Kids Outdoor Hiking Shoes are great for hiking and adventures. They are one of the best shoes for the pigeon toed baby.

The well-designed upper area and the incredible grip make them one of the best choices for hiking. They also have a good grip which helps while hiking.

Top Features:

  • Synthetic sole: These stylish shoes for hiking come with a synthetic sole that provides a good grip while hiking and can withstand harsh conditions. The elegantly designed sole offers it a good look, to be honest.
  • Soft footbed: since these Hawkwell kid’s shoes are for outdoor use, so they come with an EVA foam footbed which provides you comfort all day long. So you can enjoy your time without getting your feet tired.
  • Breathable: We make the upper part of the shoe of breathable material, reducing the chances of sweating and smelly feet. It also enables you to wear the shoes longer without gait, providing your feet the rest.
  • Traction Outsole: While trekking or hiking, you might have to go through different challenging tracks which contain hard rocks or any other slippery area. So having a shoe like this which provides excellent traction helps a lot.
  • Closure system: There are no laces used in these shoes. They use a hook and loop system while wearing the shoe. So it saves time and effort, and the kid also feels comfortable and confident because he won’t have to ask dad every time he has to tie laces.

Top Benefits:

  • Best for outdoors: These hiking boots have a very tough sole that provides good traction and durability. So we can use you for any outdoor activity.
  • Sweat-free: Sweat is something we all hate. And sweaty feet can lead to an unpleasant odor. So that’s why these shoes come with a sweat-free mechanism. The upper material allows some air to reach the flat feet so they don’t get sweaty.
  • Easy to wear: Children don’t like the idea of laces that much, and for hiking shoes, the laces can become a headache, so these special shoes come with a hook and loop design providing comfort while wearing and taking off.


  • Hard grip
  • Breathable
  • Traction outsole


  • Not ideal for daily use

3. New Balance Girls’ Tod/Yth Running 890 – Grey

New Balance KJ890v3 Toddler shoes use a 100% synthetic material. They have a nice rubber sole. And if you look at them just design-wise, trust me, they look fabulous.

They come in vibrant pink color, making them one of the best shoes for pigeon-toed toddlers (girls only) for running.

Top Features:

  • Synthetic material: The New Balance shoes are made 100% of synthetic materials that make them flexible and comfortable at the same time. Besides comfort and flexibility, they look premium and stylish as well.
  • Lightweight: These running shoes are very lightweight, making them a suitable choice while playing games that involve running and fast movements. Since they are light and stylish, your kids can wear them anytime they want to.
  • Excellent solid grip: There is a durable and sticky outsole that will last along with the shoe. The outsole is of good quality and won’t leave marks on the ground if dragged.
  • Cushioning in the heel: Heel is one of the essential elements for running shoes, and this specific product comes with cushioning in the heel, which provides extra comfort to the feet.

Top Benefits:

  • Durable build material: Almost all the other products given in the list use mixed materials. Still, this one is an exception because it comprises pure synthetic material, making it durable and comfortable at the same time.
  • Perfect for daily use: I make mainly these shoes for running, but they are very comfortable and used daily. And the design makes it stand out in the competition.
  • Best for running: There are a lot of things that make these shoes perfect for running. The first one is the excellent grip, and the others might include lightweight and breathability.


  • Light-weight
  • Quality material
  • Comfortable


  • Colour might not fit everywhere.

4. ASICS Kid’s Contend 5 TS Running Shoes

Simple design with excellent functionality is the words enough to describe the Asics Kid’s Contend 5 Ts shoes. A clean-looking design with synthetic and mesh finish.

The rubber sole and EVA midsole make this specific shoe one of the best shoes for pigeon toed children.

Top features:

  • Soft inside: The key feature of these running shoes is the cushioning they provide in the rear part of the foot and the midsole. And that is one of the main things that takes care of the child’s foot comfort while running.
  • Design and finish: The shoe’s design is very simplistic, and the finish is a mixture of synthetic and mesh. With this mixture in the overall shoe looks excellent and comfortable too. The back support also helps to keep the right in place.    
  • Breathability: These running shoes let feet get some air, and that’s why they keep them sweat-free. Because If your feet sweat a lot in the shoes, it will give bacteria some chance to flourish, resulting in odor.
  • Lace-free: If your child struggles with laces, this might be the best feature because these shoes come with a stripe design and provide you freedom from laces. These stripes’ designs look good and are also easy to wear and take off.

Top Benefits:

  • Best for running: These shoes are designed keeping in mind the requirements for running shoes. The sole and the midsole both make your babies comfortable for running.
  • Sweat-free: When kids run around and play a lot, their feet might get sweaty, leading to kids hating the shoes. These shoes use a material for the upper, which has excellent breathability, allows the air to reach the feet, and provides a pleasant experience.
  • An eye-catching design: I did not think that the design can benefit any product, but these shoes have an eye-catching design that will stand.


  • Laceless
  • Comfortable
  • Breathable


  • Not ideal for daily use.

5. KEEN Unisex Kid Newport H2 Sandal

The Keen Unisex Kid Newport H2 Sandals are waterproof and have a synthetic sole. So they are comfortable and durable at the same time. The material used in the upper area is mainly textile, so they are lightweight and stylish at the same time. Because these sandals have an open design, they are suitable for hot weather.

Top features:

  • Material: There are mainly two types of materials used in this sandal. The first one is synthetic, which is used in the fabric of the sole, and the other is the textile used in the upper area. 
  • Waterproof: Sandals are go-to shoes for kids in the summer. And if the kids play around in the yard, the shoes can get dirty. But you don’t have to worry because these Keen sandals are washable, and you can clean easily. (Some sizes might not have a washable tag, so check it out first).
  • Synthetic sole: The sole of the shoe uses a synthetic material that makes it lightweight. So your kid can use it every day.
  • Design-wise, these sandals are pretty good-looking and have a closed toeing end, making a good choice for pigeon-toed children.

Top benefits:

  • Washable: One of the best things about these sandals is that they are washable, and you clean them easily.
  • Best for summer: As they have an open design, these shoes are best for the summer. They let the feet get air, making them the best choice for people who live in hotter climates.
  • Good for everyday use: The lightweight design and synthetic sole make a good choice for everyday use. And the third factor is washability that makes it even more practical.


  • Washable
  • Nice design
  • Lightweight


  • Not for the winter.

6. Saucony Unisex-Child Baby Jazz H&l-K Sneaker

The Saucony baby sneakers come with fully human-made material. They have a rubber sole and a two-tone midsole. The upper area part uses suede and nylon. And the rubber sole is a quality that does not leave any marks behind.

Top features:

  • Flexibility: As the sneakers’ sole is of rubber and the upper is nylon and suede, the sneakers are pretty flexible and comfortable.
  • Lace-free design: For the best shoes for pigeon toed child, a shoe must be easy to put on and easy to take off. And these sneakers use the hook and loop closure methods instead of laces, which makes them comfortable for toddlers.
  • Breathability: The upper part has suede material. It provides excellent breathability because of its very porous design.
  • Traction: on the lower part, there are triangular type lugs that provide traction to the sneakers. It helps in gripping and allows the kid to run on surfaces that offer little friction.

Top Benefits:

  • Sweat-free experience: Suede and nylon may not look like very breathable materials, but they provide excellent breathability. So they help in keeping the temperature of the feet low, decreasing the chances of sweating.
  • Easy to wear: If a shoe has all the world features, the kid will hate it if it is challenging to wear. For that reason, these Saucony Unisex shoes are comfortable to wear and take off.
  • Comfortable for daily use: As the shoes’ build material is flexible, the feet remain very pleased in them. And the quality of sole is also good which.


  • Flexible
  • Nice breathability
  • Lace-free design


  • It might catch dust a little

7. Adituo Toddler/Little Kid Boys Girls Lightweight Sneakers

Out of all the products given in this list, this Adituo Toddler shoe has the most premium look of them all. The breathable upper looks are excellent. The hook and loop design is a lifesaver for kids as it makes wearing and taking off the shoes very easy.

Product’s Top features:

  • Build materials: The shoes’ sole uses synthetic materials, which makes them lightweight and durable. And there is highly elastic EVA used inside the insole.
  • Breathability: The upper is very stylish looking, uses breathable material, and keeps the feet sweat-free and comfortable.
  • Flexibility and durability: As mentioned earlier, these shoes use ultra elastic insoles and a synthetic sole, which makes them flexible and durable at the same time.

Product’s Benefits:

  • Sweat-free: The material used in the upper does not block the air completely. This means that the feet of the child won’t get sweaty. And if the feet are getting sweaty, you might notice an unpleasant foot odor which is not a good thing, I believe.
  • Lace-less: kids don’t like the idea of laces. And having laces on their favorite pair of shoes is not a good idea, so these shoes for pigeon toed toddlers come in the hook and loop design.
  • Easy to wear: The last benefit of the product that I want to talk about is wearability. These shoes are very easy to wear and take off. The shoes use flexible material they the heel support can stretch and allow the kid’s feet to slide in comfortably.


  • Breathable
  • Flexible
  • Lace-less


  • The height of the sole might be higher for some people.

Things To Considered When Buying Best Shoes for Pigeon Toed Toddlers

Best Shoes For Pigeon Toed Toddler

The incoming toddler needs outstanding shoes with significant features. The shoes must have to provide support and also control the leg’s lower alignment.

A good pair of shoes is important for your child. So let’s see the essential criteria for choosing the best pigeon toed toddlers shoes.


Support of shoes for toddlers is one of the essential parts to focus on. You will not believe it, but the right type of shoes helps the child walk comfortably and straight within minutes.

Don’t forget to consider their arch support and flexibility and also the below three factors.

  • The shoe’s upper should fully cover the foot.
  • The socks liner should be removable.
  • The outsole of the shoe should be sturdy for foot protection.

If the shoes have removable socks liner, then it’s excellent, but it is not usually important for the toddler’s feet.


Finding the right size shoes for your child that fit on their feet properly is pretty hard. Before selecting your child’s shoes, make sure that they won’t squish your toddler’s feet. Because it will feel them uncomfortable and also slow down their healing process.

And this is okay and a good idea if the foot is wide. But you must try on a child’s foot and ask them about the comfort and fitness of shoes, but for pigeon-toed toddlers, adjust on their foot and see their adjustability and fitness.


We should make the shoes of breathable materials that will provide feet comfort and a healthy experience. The breathability of shoes is also an essential factor because it ends up being a big problem.

The lack of breathability can create discomfort, wet feet. It might cause bacterial infections, a problematic and painful cure. Now the question is, how would we know shoe is breathable?

There are different ways in which you identify the breathability of shoes. In old designs, they provide holes throughout the product.

Now, most of the brand uses unique fabric on the upper side, moisture-wicking technology in lining the midsole, which keeps them dry and comfortable shoes.


Make sure the product uses durable materials such as a high-grade rubber outsole or EVA injection sole. The solid, durable design will help a lot to walk more consciously.


Ensure that the shoes you are going to buy are water-resistant on both the inner and outer sides. The cleanup of waterproof shoes is very easy. If the inner insert is removable, it will make it easy for you to dry, even in rainy seasons. With waterproof features, shoe odor control is also essential. Because sometimes the kid wears the supportive shoes for a long time which need to be odor control quality.


The midsole provides a cushion to the shoe’s user feet and also absorbs shock. When you find your child uncomfortable while walking, then make sure their midsole uses a suitable material. The high-quality midsole also prevents the foot from injuries, the former type EVA will make the shoes more durable and comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Best Shoes For Pigeon Toed Toddler


Are sandals a good option for kids?

Nowadays, wearing sandals is common for kids. But remember wearing sandals all the time at beaches and pools increases the child’s risk of injury.

Many sandals use thin plastic, and wearing poor-quality sandals offers less support to the feet and creates foot pain.

When kids wear backless sandals, they try to grip the sandals with their toes to keep the sandals on their feet, which provides uncomfortable to their feet.

And the last risk for your child that wears sandals can easily slip and fall. It would be best if you chose a shoe that has excellent arch support and excellent back support to protect your child’s foot from injuries.

In the above best pigeon toed toddler shoes list, we mention all high-quality perfect shoes for kids that you can easily order through amazon.

Can you fix pigeon-toed?

Most of the pigeons toed correct by themselves with time and don’t need any special treatment. A child rarely requires any casting, bracing, or therapy.

Pigeon toed by itself will not cause heel pain or any other problem. But when your child becomes eight years old, and their toe walking can not fix itself, it requires treatment. Show your child to an orthopedic surgeon for proper treatment.

What kind of shoes do two years old children wear?

When a child walks at the age of a year, wear something soft. And when the baby ambulates, start the shoes, which have stiff soles that will support their feet and avoid injuries. At first, parents don’t focus on baby fashion.

First, train the toddler to walk on grass, carpet, or any other soft area because their bones aren’t developed. The hard floor and sandals can cause foot injuries, so avoid hard floors and sandals for toddlers.

We will recommend hard-soled shoes in which they use rubber or leather to provide support and prevent them from injuries.

Is it okay for a toddler to wear used shoes?

Yes, the secondhand shoe doesn’t matter. The things which matter are their inner and outer sole and, most important, near allow sandals to a toddler for wearing.

And these are important because the inner sole provides comfort, and the outer sole offers support.


So if you are a mother or father of pigeon-toed toddlers, you will find today’s article quite helpful.

We recommend you don’t forget to read our buying guide for choosing the best shoes for pigeon toed toddler for your baby for a better experience. The only thing that you need to be more careful about is the size.

There are available sizes in our recommended pair of shoes. So grab the one that you like most for your toddler and give them an experience of more comfortable walking.


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