A Guide to Choosing the Right Shoes for Physical Therapist

There is a lot of variety in the marketplace regarding shoes for different categories. It’s a challenging condition for choosing comfortable shoes for physical therapists and other hospital personnel.

We should keep some essential factors in mind while picking up the boots. In the therapist profession, they are always on their feet for a long hour of the day.

So physical therapist shoes should be comfortable and have soft cushioning features. The other thing is the durability of the shoes.

The shoes for physical therapists should come with great grip features to avoid all kinds of falling and slipping during work.

Besides this, shoes should have excellent traction that will allow him/them to work for a long time with ease.

However, we compiled a list of the 7 best shoes for a physical therapist. Please have a look at our best recommendations.

Here Is The List of The Top 7 Best Shoes for Physical Therapist

1. ASICS Men’s GEL-Venture 5 Running shoe

Here we have a top-quality shoe with incredible traction on tight turns. The ASICS Men’s GEL-Venture 5 running shoe has a highly reasonable price. With an eye-catching design, the mesh stripes all over the synthetic upper have an element of style.

Top Features:

  • Fit: These shoes are designed for runners that will provide proper support to the users. The back support is nicely designed and will grip the wide feet well to give a smooth running experience.
  • Material: They are water-resistant shoes. They made the upper side of the shoe of mesh fabric. The upper side of the men’s shoe comes in gray color with red trims. To provide more strength and durability, the shoe’s outer sole is manufactured from high-quality hard rubber.
  • Comfort: In comfort, you don’t have any doubts. The ASICS provides to their product a protective bumper which is near the front of the shoe. The protected bumper will protect your foot toes from any rocks or branches.
  • Design: These shoes allow the feet to breathe in the shoe quickly, and your feet will not become sweaty. You can also replace the inside foam stole.

Product Benefits

  • Excellent traction: The rubber outsole provides enough traction that will allow simple walk on slippery tiles. Which makes them suitable for sports shoes like badminton and basketball. So you are in for a treat here.
  • Best for running: These shoes will absorb shock. These shoes are very comfortable because of their arch support feature, making them an excellent product for running. So these shoes can significantly increase your running time. They also decrease the effort while running.
  • A stylish look: ASICS provides an attractive look to its products. Many sports lovers use these shoes, such as basketball players, because of their unique comfort features. These are stylish shoes with reasonable prices. So these factors make it worth your attention.


  • Rubber outsole.
  • Attractive design.
  • Affordable.


  • They are falling apart after hard use.

2. Under Armour Men’s Charged Assert 8 Running Shoe

The Armour Men’s are one of the lightest shoes that anyone can wear. This brand boasted the comfortability and breathability of their products.

Top Features:

  • Materials: Using under armor, men’s charged assert 8 shoes, no need to worry about sweat because the upper sole of the shoe is manufactured from lightweight mesh that will provide excellent airflow. They made the midsole of the product of molded foam that adds more comfort to the feet. And they manufactured the outsole from the best quality of hard rubber.
  • Comfort: Because the wider Toe box makes the product very comfortable. It will not feel like you are losing or tightening. And the heel cup will lock the heel and reduce the chances of slipping.
  • Breathability: In the shoes, the air passed quickly because of synthetic upper mesh that will keep the feet cool and dry. And that reduces or eliminates the chances of sweaty feet and which ultimately leads to a nasty odor.

Top Benefits:

  • Best for running: For running lovers, joggers, casual runners, these are the perfect comfortable and lightweight shoes. We specially designed these for runners to feel comfortable all the time and keep their feet cool and dry. So if you are someone who stays on his feet for a long time during a day, consider these for yourself.
  • Suitable for rehabilitation: Injury rehabilitation is a very delicate process. You need to be gentle with the muscles while trying to restore them to their optimal working. These shoes provide a new balance between flexibility and cushioning helps you get on your feet while minimally pressuring your injured muscles.
  • Suitable for daily use: The shoes come in a variety of colors. They are lightweight and comfortable to wear. So these factors make them suitable candidates for everyday use. You can choose your favorite color or a color you think matches your favorite clothing.


  • Breathable
  • Comfortable.
  • Lightweight.


  • While walking, it creates noise.

3. Asics Women’s Gel-Venture 7 Running Shoes

It is one of the affordable shoes that is manufactured from excellent quality materials. The Asics women’s gel venture 7 running shoes have excellent stability with decent protection of feet.

Top Features:

  • Material: we manufacture The Asics Women Gel Venture 7 running shoes from rubber compounds. To the shoe’s midsole, they provide a removable insole that will easily absorb shocks and foot strikes. They made the upper side of synthetic leather.
  • Durability: They provide all the essential features for long-term durability. They made the rubber sole from reinforcing materials that are used in making car tires.
  • Comfort: In this design, the first thing is the feet that come into contact. They are very comfortable in colder areas. It will keep your foot warm in cold weather.
  • Stability: The shoes’ arch and heels are very flexible because of their rigid construction. These shoes are on top with strength.

Top Benefits:

  • Suitable for runners: It is a good trail shoe that appeals to seasoned and beginner runners. They manufacture this product from all the high-quality materials which have supportive features. These shoes will be the best selection for runners.
  • Best for women: As we know that men and women have different body proportions. Men have more muscle and bone mass than women, so if something specifically designed a product for men, it won’t suit women’s bodies because they have different natures. So something specifically designed these shoes for women.
  • Affordable: Best choice for those who want supportive, high quality, and reasonable price tools. These may not be highly technical but perform best for beginners. So don’t be shy to experiment with these affordable running shoes from ASICS.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Comfortable
  • Sufficient traction


  • They broke easily

4. ASICS Women’s Gel-Nimbus 21 Running Shoes

ASICS WOMEN’s Gel nimbus 21 comes in a variety of colors. You can easily say about their softness just by standing or walking in shoes. It doesn’t matter what the distance is. The shoes will provide comfort to the user’s feet.

Top Features:

  • Material: The Gel-Nimbus 21 outsole is made of high Abrasion rubber material. The ASICS brand is using this material in most of their running shoes because it increases shone longevity.
  • In the middle of the product, they use FlyteFoam Lyte, and FlyteFoam propel technology; both technologies provide a lovely and excellent feel in the running. And to the upper side of Nimbus 21, provide two layers of jacquard mesh material. The product is lighter because I made it of lightweight materials.
  • Durability: ASICS products are famous for their durability and reasonable price. The Nimbus 21 is expensive from other ASICS products and more durable than ASICS’s other model shoes.
  • Comfort: These are some of the comfortable shoes that the ASICS provides more comfort to these shoes. The overall design of the boots is awe-inspiring.

Top Benefits

  • Suitable for injury rehabilitation: The shoe design offers a perfect fit and total comfort to the users. Anyone can wear this clever, stylish, and comfortable design. The brand provides Iconic GEL technology that quickly absorbs shocks. So it is going to help you immensely while restoring your damaged muscles to their original shape.
  • Comfortable new design: Nimbus 21 running shoes are perfect for those looking for softness and a plush ride. In this model, they use engineered mesh technology that changes their look entirely from the past version.
  • Suitable for running: There is special Flytefoam propel technology used in these shoes that allows them to provide an extra bounce while running, which reduces the effort resulting in better performance. So if you are a runner or any other athlete, you will enjoy them.


  • Shock absorbing
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight


  • Less cushioning overall

5. Skechers Performance Men’s Go Walking Shoe

If you love regular walking and go for regular walks every day, then these are the perfect choice for you to choose. Because these Skechers Men’s shoes are designed for everyday walk people, let’s see more shoes.

Top Features:

  • Material: It featured the upper surface of shoes with fabric mesh. The materials are lightweight, flexible, and breathable mesh. We manufactured midsoles of the product from a 5Gen cushioning system. To their outsole, they provide cushion pods with decoration, and they also provide fantastic traction. The cushion pods absorb all the shocks.
  • Style: Men’s walk 4 has a unique sleek, stylish design that is only available to men’s size. The shoes naturally adjust to foot expansion that will keep the foot comfortable.
  • Performance: These are some of the easy-wearing shoes that are outstanding and very easy to slip in and out. Mesh fabric tops are very natural to foot movements in walking and provide excellent and comfortable performance to the user. The antibacterial odor control keeps the interior air fresh and also keeps the feet dry and cool.

Top Benefits:

  • Lightweight and comfortable: These light weighted shoes will make your every step enjoyable. It is easy wearing shoes with high returning energy and feet feeling secure and comfortable.
  • Sweat-free experience: Nobody likes sweaty feet. And especially when you are someone who stays on his feet a lot, the feet might get hot and need some air. So the breathable material used in these keeps the sweat away, providing you a more excellent experience.
  • Easy to wear and take off: For people who don’t like shoe straps, this is the best simple design. They don’t have any laces and traps, so you are getting just a simple plane shoe. The back support is well designed and keeps the shoes in place while walking.


  • Better fit
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable


  • They are tight on the toe side

6. TIOSEBON Women’s Athletic Walking Shoes Casual

The shoes have a sleek and compact, lightweight design that won’t feel chunky on a long walk. It is one of the excellent, well-made products in which the brand provides some amazing features.

Top Features:

  • Material: They manufactured the outsole of a product from soft and durable rubber. That can easily grip the ground. It doesn’t matter if the surface is rough or smooth. The upper side of the product manufactured from flexible and durable textile offers an excellent airflow that makes the cover breathable.
  • Color: It comes in different varieties of colors in which the buyer can choose a matching color with their style.
  • Design: Outstanding design can be usable in any season. Winter or summer doesn’t matter. Also, you can wear it as casual or for outgoing. These are the best physical therapist’s shoes for all occasions and conditions.

Top Benefits:

  • Best for walking: This product is beneficial. The overall design of the shoe is soft. It provides support and comfort to the feet. And you can easily enjoy your walk with no flat foot pain and fatigue in your feet.
  • Best for daily use: Designed for those people who want on athletic shoes they wear anywhere. The design is simple and will match most of your casual outfits. And there are a variety of colors available so that you can choose the best one for yourself.
  • Easy to wear and sweat-free: The material used in the shoe’s upper is a fabric so your feet can breathe through it, which reduces the chances of sweating and provides a clean sweat-free experience.


  • Multiples of colors are available
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight


  • Less ankle support

7. Dr. Scholl’s Men’s Brisk LightWeight Dual Strap Sneaker

The designs are very comfortable, especially recommended for those people who had issues or frequent foot pain. And exceptionally quicker the shoes arrive.

Top Features:

  • Material: The shoe’s outsole is manufactured from solid, high-quality rubber. That is a shock absorber and nonslip. In their insole, they provide air-pillow gel that offers a cozy feeling for the user. And their upper sides use mesh and faux leather materials.
  • Durability: When you see the product’s overall structure, you will ensure its long-lasting pairs. The outsole is in thick size that is enough for the long term.
  • Comfort: Their insole air-pillow gel provides enough comfort to the user’s foot. You can easily walk through shoes with no pain problems.

Top Benefits:

  • Easy to wear: Shoes have dual straps with simple and easy slip in and out. It will look cool when you’re playing or when you are at work. It will be an excellent pick to provide total comfort. So definitely a plus for comfortable wearing there.
  • Reasonable price: For the features that this stylish and functional product provides, the price tag is very affordable. The lightweight and premium look of the leather makes them a good choice.
  • Long-lasting: If you are someone who walks a lot and needs a comfortable product to wear every day, which will last a reasonable amount of time, you should do these. Because, unlike many walking shoes, the build material of these shoes is leather which provides some extra strength and will last longer.


  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Come with a cool black theme
  • Affordable.


  • Shoes are tight in the toes

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Shoes for Physical Therapist

Best Shoes for Physical Therapist

The selection of the best shoes is hard to find since many companies offer physical therapist shoes. But every branded shoe has its features, and people get confused about which one is best because every foot is different.

Here we are going to guide you on how to choose the best shoes for a physical therapist.

  • Comfort: The first and most important thing in every shoe is its comfort level. Standing and walking in shoes are common, and shoes must have the ability to provide comfort in both functions. But the best construction shoes will also provide comfort in hiking, running and dancing, etc. Wherever you go for buying shoes, ensure that they have thick cushions of insole and midsole. And they manufacture their inner lining from comfy and spongy materials. The thick cushion will protect your feet from hard surfaces and also absorb shock. The best which the doctors recommend must contain arch support.
  • Arch support: The creation of foot pain is because of a quirk when the person is walking or standing. During walking and standing, when you get foot pain, then possible to gain experience in arch pain. Usually, the shoes have heel support and sole strength. But sometimes, some people have an issue with a high arch, or some feet are not standard. Here, the doctors recommend shoes that contain unique support.
  • Heel support: Heel pain’s most popular type is plantar fasciitis that scratches out the ball from the foot, and the area of the heel starts swollen. To avoid this kind of pain, shoes provide a heel support system. Heel support contains paddling around the heel to give a unique buffer and relieve the discomfort and flat feet pain.
  • Sole Strength: Sole strength is a cushioning system of footwear inside the optimal supportive elements. This is also important to take perfect shoes for doctors.
  • Durability: Everyone needs shoes that run for a long time. When looking for shoes, make sure that they manufactured the shoes from durable materials such as their outsole and upper sole. Also, go for water-resistant shoes and wash-resistant shoes because water destroyed mainly shoes and washing. Keep in mind the outsole materials are essential to see. We recommend those shoes that I made outsole of high-quality rubber and can absorb shock and nonslip.
  • Stability: The stability running shoes is helpful for endurance runners because it controls side-to-side motion. It will provide constant stability to those runners whose foot muscles lack the needed strength. But leaving this on shoes is not a good idea. It is also essential to increase foot strength.
  • Protection: The major work of shoes is to provide protection and keep the feet secure from hard surfaces, sharp gravel, and effects. Here is security the shoe outsole quality is essential that will prevent the feet from injuries. Make sure we make the outsole of high-grade rubber or any other hard surface for protection.
  • Weight: Many people think that solid construction shoes have a heavier weight, or some thought that heavyweight shoes prevent foot stepping. They are entirely wrong. The best shoes have lightweight that will allow you to run terrains. Also, the doctors recommend lightweight shoes which do not overstrain the user’s muscles and stay fit.
  • Size: Most people make mistakes. Day by day, our feet change their progress, and therefore you have to try on new shoes. The shoe size is essential because the small shoe can cause cramping and blisters while the other enormous size leads to falls. So make sure that the shoes are perfectly fitted on your foot.
  • Breathability: For those who spend a lot of time in their shoes or have sweaty feet, breathability is essential. Sweating gathers bacteria and dead skin that makes your foot smell bad. And the good pairs of shoes have excellent materials with comfort, stain resistance, and endurance. Some items that prevent the foot from sweating such as leather, fabric, synthetic, memory foam, latex, and EVA foam.
  • Traction: Nobody wants to fall, and for this, you need high-quality shoes with nonslip features. So buy shoes that grip your foot even on a slippery floor. There are many shoes available that have an excellent grip feature and oil resistance that will keep you away from incidents and embarrassing moments in front of people.
  • When to replace our shoes: We discuss every essential step of the buyer guide. Now the important and valuable question, in which people never take an interest, but very necessary to know. If you use your running shoes, change them after running between 400 to 500 miles. If you use the boots for regular activities and take steps between 5500 to 6500 regularly, then you have to change the shoes after six months because the lower impact won’t break the shoes.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Best Shoes for Physical Therapist

Why do medical workers wear shoe covers and hardcovers?

I use the covers for personal protection to reduce the risk of infection and inquire. Medical staff and visitors used the shoe cover on infection rates and length of stay in the ICU.

A Shoe cover is used to give a barrier against exposure to airborne organisms. I used the shoe cover for hemorrhagic disease patients.

Hardcovers are used to prevent scalp and hairs from contamination when airborne or spray exposure is expected.

Are memory foam shoes useful for us?

I manufactured the memory foam shoes from polyurethane and many other chemicals added to help their density. It is the major feature of shoe comfortability and also has many other advantages.

Memory foam eases pressure on the ball that runners feel, even when walking. But the intensity feels more in the running, and memory foam can absorb heel shocks.

They are warm. This is of the memory form drawbacks, but now many brands produce breathable shoes that keep feet dry and cool.

Memory foam-made shoes are popular among those who stand for a long time, such as teachers, mail carriers, nurses, etc because it helps to prevent the feet from stress and pain.

What kind of shoes do physical therapists have to wear?

Physical therapy mostly treated those who are more vulnerable to slips or falls, etc. So they need to wear shoes which have a complete grip on the floor, even on slippery floors.

Because it will help the therapists to have a stable surface, even excellent for them to help their patients and safely transfer from one character to another.

High-grade rubber is essential to have in footwear. The other shoes are useless in that environment.


If you are a physical therapist, you will already know how long a therapist has to work on their patient. So an essential thing you need for this job is the perfect shoes for physical therapists.

Look for shoes that help you work for a longer time with comfort and a secure grip. To help you, we write this detailed article especially for you.

We compiled a list of the best comfortable and lightweight shoes that you can wear on duty. We hope you will like our little help and choose your favorite shoes from our recommended list for a better and comfortable experience.


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