How To Get Blood Out Of Shoes? Simple Steps You Need To Follow

It’s not a pleasant sight, is it? It’s often a mistake that happens because of many reasons, like the shoes are old, the soles are worn out, there’s some blood inside, or something similar. But don’t worry. We will explain how to get blood out of shoes.

Your shoes are clean but there’s a bloodstain. Try putting them in some warm water and let them sit overnight or for at least 14 hours, then put detergent on the spot to get them cleaned between your barefoot and shoe.

Remove the sole by using a pumice stone to remove long athermal bits of material that have soaked up some blood.

If you don’t have one, try using coarse sandpaper or gently rub the spot with an oily rag, then brush away any loose particles.

You can take it to someone who could grab them, but do not use silver polish or other chemical cleaning agents on these shoes because they may ruin your leather.

How To Get Blood Stain Out of Shoes?

How To Get Blood Out Of Shoes?

Step 1. Remove the sole by using a pumice stone to remove long athermal bits of material that have soaked up some blood.

Step 2. Apply soap & water or even toothpaste on the top surface, gently rub it with your fingers to loosen any stubborn stain, and scrub for 20-30 minutes in cold water tilt them right side down.

So stains have been set inside out, then rinse clean with clean, warm water before drying them off completely. That’s it.

Another Method to Get Blood out of Shoes

1. If you are using a detergent and an enzymatic cleaner, make sure that the surface of your shoes is thoroughly clean before doing anything else.

2. Take a dry clean cloth along with some Woolite or Citrofast to coat the shoe after washing it again in hot water.

3. Rub a tiny amount of detergent and an enzymatic cleaner into the shoe with your hands.

4. Retest to see if a bloodstain has been removed from the shoe.

5. If not, do step two again until you have achieved sufficient cleaning results.

6. Distill white vinegar using a standard ratio of 1 part water to 3 parts distilled white vinegar and pour it into a sprayer along with necessary other chemicals required in order to get rid of blood stains which will be described later on here after reading this article.

Do this process by adding some cotton balls or paper towels in order to stabilize the surface and make sure that vinegar gets distributed well between both.

Now, spray it on your shoes, giving a great amount of force while wiping them off here-after generously if you see even some small stains left behind.

7. This will evaporate instantly because of uncooked alcohol content, with the result being destruction or disappearance of all traces from surfaces exposed to this high-temperature process.

Using Hydrogen Peroxide or Using White Vinegar

To remove blood stain out of shoes with hydrogen peroxide, add a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide to one-quart water in your spray bottle and use it as a cleaner.

However, avoid using this solution on leather because it could damage the shoe or even cause stains or mildew for later replacement cost.

The easiest way to remove a dried blood stain from shoes is by dipping them into white vinegar – soak them overnight, then brush off any excess with a toothbrush and let them dry completely before washing thoroughly with warm water.

How to Get Blood Out of White Shoes

As a first step, use several clean white rags dipped into baking soda on the stained area. Then lay them out flat to dry overnight, then brush with a stiff-bristle toothbrush and let it air dry completely before washing in warm water and detergent.

No need for harsh chemicals or bleach since bleaching could make stains worse than they were original, while chemical cleaners can be dangerous without proper precautions, such as gloves and eye protection, by using extreme caution.

One more solution for removing the stains on white shoes is to use Vaseline. Apply a pea-size amount of Vaseline over the stain, let it sit overnight, and then wipe off with an old rag in the morning.

This time you can even fill your sponge applicator (you will get some from the washing machine) as well if needed with oil because you need not be afraid that there are many additives that could make the shoe dyed less attractive.

How to Get Blood Out of Mesh Shoes

The best way to remove bloodstains from mesh shoes is by using hydrogen peroxide. Disinfection of the hygienic surface can be done by applying 2% hydrogen peroxide directly onto the stained area.

Let it sit for 10 minutes, then take out and wash cool water gently. The stains may still be present but are far less noticeable than before and you should expect not to see them after one application of peroxide on the stained area, especially if you do a thorough cleaning all over with warm soapy water by using a toothbrush after hydrogen peroxide treatment.

Removing Blood Stains From Leather Shoes

First things first, white leather shoes should be washed with warm water because they are naturally soft. Leave them to dry overnight and then use one of the methods mentioned below.

To remove the stains from leather shoes, you need to use a soft lint roller. Apply it over all parts of the shoe (especially heel) and leave for two minutes.

Use a clean cotton cloth or white pad with weak soap water solution by rubbing carefully at first, then rinse properly to make your own homemade detergent bottle.

Make sure not to apply any concentrated liquid cleaner directly onto leather because this may cause harm if there are scratches on the loafers. 

Keep in mind that you need to be as gentle with your product on leather as some brands of synthetic shoe polishes can slightly stain lace holes and stitches.

Get Blood Stains Out From Nike Shoes

This pretty common problem can be solved by gently squeezing the affected area, scraping away any visible crust with some cooking spices, as this would make it easier for removal.

Rub in a toothpaste that is mild and gentle on the skin (you can use baking soda instead of a cleaning agent).

Latex patches applied to shoes are easily removed using rubbing alcohol, but you will always have streaks when removing blood stains even after washing clean water without soap.

Another blood stain removal remedy for Nike shoes is washing them with bleach. Make sure that the shoes used are already clean because you need not use detergent in order to get rid of stains and dirt from a dirty shoe.

You can use hydrogen peroxide as well when cleaning cloth or socks but make sure it is diluted half-strength so no strong smell comes out during wearing.

Hydrogen peroxide will do the trick after spraying directly on a stained area. You can use that to get out the stains from Nike shoes and other clothes as well.

But make sure it is diluted with water first then don’t go over twice before putting them inside the washing machine or you risk staining your clothing even more when using detergent on garments.

How to Get Blood Out of Canvas Shoes?

This bloodstain removal remedy for canvas shoes is a little bit tricky. You will need to use your fingers, toothbrush, and some detergent such as Woolite or Citrofast from all-purpose cleaning products because you can’t totally remove stains with just one dipping in hydrogen peroxide.

Wash the shoes using hot water, especially if they have been soiled, then give it air drying before wearing again.

You will need to use an enzymatic cleaner along with detergent for this bloodstain removal remedy for white canvas shoes because you can’t remove blood stains with just soap and water.

Follow these steps in order to make sure the wore is absolutely clean, then do it again if necessary until your whites are back:

Wipe the shoe down, making a lineup of old cloth to stand on next, which was used over dryer vent while using some Woolite or Citrofast to coat the shoe along with hot water.

Wash the shoe again by adding Woolite or Citrofast, then use an enzymatic cleaner and detergent to get it very clean.

Leave it to dry for better results, then rub a tiny amount of detergent and an enzymatic cleaner into the shoe with your hands to make sure the surface will be clean. Retest to see if blood stain has been removed.

If not, do step two again until you have achieved sufficient cleaning results from one or two dips in hot water followed by the use of Woolite or Citrofast while using your toothbrush as a good rubbing reliever when needed.

See if you can get the stain to disappear just by taking sandpaper along with fingernails or toothbrush and rubbing it on wet shoes. If there is no result after that, retest until blood stains are gone before putting a pair of grays on again.

Do not use white socks or brown leathers because they will be affected together, which means multi-colors may react as well, resulting in harm all over your new whites.


If you’ve ever found yourself wondering how to get blood out of your shoes, then this blog post is for you! The problem with getting blood out of your shoes is actually very simple.

Blood gets trapped in the crevices of your shoes because it doesn’t have any way to escape once it’s been trapped inside. There are a few ways to get blood out of your shoes and keep them looking great as well. 

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