How Often Should You Replace Walking Shoes?

One of the most important things about walking shoes is the need to change them when you notice that your feet are starting to feel uncomfortable.

These shoes should be changed every 3 months and you should also keep in mind that it is also very important to do regular checkups on your shoes, they are not just a pair of shoes. So what do you think, how often should you replace walking shoes?

It is also very important to keep in mind that when you are buying a pair of walking shoes, try your best not to rush and take as much time while deciding on what type you need.

It might be wise if instead of getting the most expensive one out there first go ergonomic or something more affordable first because it will help save a lot at the end anyway, especially if ever after purchasing cheap ones such things begin to break easily.

How Often Should You Replace Walking Shoes

After How Many Miles Should You Replace Walking Shoes?

All in all, it would depend on the shoe’s quality and your usage. For example, leather shoes might last for around six months or even more, but silicone-soled ones will only work for about two weeks of heavy usage.

That being said, as general guidelines, a walking shoe should be replaced every few hundred to a thousand miles, no matter what material is used except if you use it very little.

For example, daily runners only need to replace theirs every 200-400 miles, while high-performance faster-paced shoes should be replaced after around 1500 miles.

How Often Should You Replace Everyday Shoes?

In terms of how often you should change normal shoes, it really depends on the shoe itself.

For example, low-top sneakers will usually only be suitable for about two weeks, high-end sandals last a few months to one year depending on how much you use them and dressy heels would require changing every six or seven days.

Are Good Walking Shoes Really Necessary?

Are Good Walking Shoes Really Necessary

Yes. In order to get the most out of your walking shoes, they are not just a pair of shoes. The best way to stick with proper jogging maneuvers and prevent injury is by using good comfortable walking shoes that fit correctly according to your feet’ shape.

Additionally, walking shoes really come in handy when you get bored from running outdoors or if there are a lot of accidents like bush jams and other cones along your run route. In short, they will benefit anyone who uses them well to the max.

Wearing a lady’s dressy sandals while jogging might look ok at first, but avoid unless advised by senior runners local to you as it could land up creating problems for her knees after wearing heels all day.

How Do You Pick Walking Shoes?

Just like with regular shoes, following the tips listed would be very beneficial in picking a pair of good-quality ones.

They are also not only meant to serve one purpose but several, which makes them more appealing and useful than others.

It will depend on your specific needs as well so, for example, if you already have some that fit well or are even too tight, then it is recommended that you first go ergonomic over fashionable.

Because fashion size may not fit such things properly, hence becoming uncomfortable at times later when doing other activities with your feet.

Best Walking Shoes for Women

Most style brands are not catering to specific gender throughout their entire range and so, for women in general, it is advised that they do their research before choosing a pair.

The criteria listed above will help them find just the right shoe matched up with the needs they have at the time.

For walking shoes, you could use those from home essentials like Vionic or shoes by Idrova which offer effective support without giving weight disease while providing waterproof protection against humidity and such daily obstacles experienced on trails.

They also come in different colors, making customizing a breeze when doing things like coordinating with your running accessories and outfits.

Shoes by Idrova have premium material that is supportable to provide stability as well as flexible performance without falling into the holes jagged or cracks like those from other brands would do, which quite frankly can get awfully inconvenient should you need to keep using it for a longer period of time between repairs.

Best Walking Shoes for Men

The list of brands that are catering specifically to men is relatively short when compared with women.

The criteria listed above will help men find just the right shoe matched up with their needs at the time, like Vionic which provides effective support without giving weight disease also comes in different colors and have waterproof protection against humidity and such daily obstacles experienced on trails.

Best Walking Shoes for Teenagers

Depending on age differences, this while extremely hard because they vary significantly among each individual.

Hence, it falls quite often between buying one specific model or ones that accommodate your unique foot needs, including width, level of pronation, etc.

Do Walking Shoes Last Longer Than Running Shoes?

Do Walking Shoes Last Longer Than Running Shoes?

Walking shoes are primarily made of different types of leather, which will make them last longer than running sneakers or most other types of athletic shoes.

Also, because it is not something that you would use on a regular basis if properly cared for, it can last up to 20 years!

The best part about walking shoes too is that once you have broken in the pair, your feet should be more comfortable throughout your entire life (yet again as long as it’s worn proper).

Even after a few years of walking, shoes still are very comfortable because it is a shoe that does not only fit your feet but therefore all the supportive parts of your foot and body too.

So even if you get them used to wearing two pairs at once, getting down from barefoot quickly is another benefit, making this one huge advantage as well!

Given they last longer than normal running shoes though, choosing more high-end ones normally directly will give their lifespan an extra boost and ensure less problem through frequent usage, which may be required occasionally over time.

For example, the right pair of boats might take approximately 4 years (which also usually depends on other factors as well), whereas a set of black leather or cowhide shoes from Brooks might take an even longer time if you are constantly keeping it mending and replacing laces.

My recommendation is to go along with the most natural thing here: that way your feet become used to such things, meaning they won’t be so sensitive when walking around in them after some months.

Even though this process takes more time than wearing good-fitting casual sneakers at first, but remember that they will be quite comfortable once done!


Walking shoes is not a luxury. They are an essential piece of gear that every traveler should have.

If you are traveling for long periods of time, you need to invest in quality footwear that will allow you to walk for miles without feeling pain or fatigue.

If you don’t replace your shoes regularly, the cost of replacing them can add up and leave you with a large bill at the end of your trip.

Find out how often should you replace walking shoes based on your activity level and what type of shoe is best suited for your needs!

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