Can Petite People Wear Over the Knee Boots

Yes, petite people can wear over the knee boots if they fit properly. Boots that are too large or too small will not be comfortable and may cause undue strain on your feet and legs.

When choosing an over-the-knee boot, make sure to measure your calves where they meet your thighs so you know how wide of a size to select.

You should also double-check the width of the boot at its widest point (usually near the ankle) to make sure it is comfortable when worn snugly above your ankles.

Most Comfortable Over The Knee Boots for Petites

Most Comfortable Over The Knee Boots for Petites

Did you know that beauty comes in many shapes? A petite shape is one of the most sought-after with beauty. At 5’3” in height, a woman is petite.

And thankfully, the fashion industry has so much for petites. Because most of the time, petite women are skinny, it is easy to find what’s right for them with class.

That’s why we’ve come here for. In this post, I will give you reviews of the best boots over the knee boots for petites.

So if you’ve been yearning for over the knee boots, it meant this post for you. I will take you through some of the top-rated knee boots for petites and how to rock in them.

I have rounded off our best models by looking at the top-rated user reviews, feedbacks, bestsellers, and the most affordable models too. With that said, it’s time to hit the road – let’s get down to business.

With hundreds of over the knee boots models to choose from, most petite women face a challenge when choosing their best OTK boots. But not anymore. We’ve rounded up the top 6 models that you can go for. Take a look!

1. Shoe’N Tale Women Stretch Over the Knee Boots

Our first perfect over the knee boots for petites is the Shoe’N Tale Women Stretch Over the Knee Boots. And there are so many reasons.

Top Features:

  • 100% Vegan Materials: I designed the product using 100% pure suede. There is the inclusion of a rubber sole too. And with these types of materials, you will enjoy more comfort, simple movement, and an absolute handmade touch.
  • Boot Opening Side Zip: there is an easy to open side zip. The zip opening for the boots measures just about 14″ around and makes it easy to wear or remove your booties. It adds to the beauty of owning the boots.
  • Warm Internal Lining: Again, the booties come with a warm internal lining. This helps to keep your feet warm round the clock. It makes these booties the best over the knee boots for winter and any other cold weather.

Top Benefits:

  • 100% Man-made: You won’t have to worry about the design. There are no harmful add-ons that could affect your health. The booties are 100% artificial.
  • Snug Fit Design: Apart from the safe non-slip rubber sole, there is the warm lining and the latex insole that provide you with a snug fit. You’ll get to enjoy proper cushioning and better comfort at all times.
  • Wider and Freer: the booties have their heels measuring approximately 3.5 inches, which gives you more space and freer touch any day. The top opening circumference again sits at 14 inches too.
  • Several Colors: And to just give it all, these over the knee boots come in over ten different colors. From white to beige and many more, you can choose to have an identity of your own. And choose the ideal color for your attire.


  • Soft and stylish leather
  • Nonslip rubber soles
  • Easy to use zipper closure
  • Comfortable footpad insole
  • Available in over ten colors


  • May lack the best arch support for more weight

Verdict: Top over the knee boots if you are looking for the best style, comfort, and warmth in the cold winter mornings too.

2. Shoe’N Tale Women Chunky Heel Thigh High Over the Knee Boots

The Shoe’N Tale Women Chunky Heel Thigh High boots Over the Knee Boots is more or less similar to the sister above. Take a look at its features.

Top Features:

  • Non-Slip Rubber Soles: The rubber soles are fitted with a non-slip touch. So you don’t have to worry when walking on slippery floors. Besides that, there is an insole that’s made of latex. This maximizes booty comfort.
  • 100% Suede Material: These OTK boot, like the one above, are designed from pure vegan materials. This includes the shed, latex, and elastic denim.
  • Rubber Sole Design:There is the rubber sole design. This outer sole has a non-slip touch that gives it the best style and safety touch.
  • Wider Boot Opening: There is a side zipper that provides easy opening and closure. Besides that, there is about opening that measures approximately 14 inches around.

Top Benefits:

  • Better Warmth: There is no doubt that with the thicker lining and softer insole, these boots will capture all the warmth that you need on a cold winter morning. The side zipper again makes it easy to have a breather.
  • 100% Comfort: The material that it made these booties out of is a stretchy material. This gives these over-the-knee boots a comfortable touch. You will get a snug fit with zero blisters or pain around your feet.
  • Fits All Design: Your choice is further made easy. Thanks to the full elasticity leg that these boots are made of. The design fits in well with most calf shapes. You won’t have to worry about getting a poor fit.
  • 10+ Colors: Finally, these best over-the knee boots come in over 10 different colors. You can choose to match your attire or personality anytime you want to. This makes it ideal for outgoing girls.


  • Wider and freer
  • Easy to wear and remove
  • It fits most calf shapes
  • Has stronger materials
  • 100% insole comfort


  • Too many colors can confuse

Verdict: The perfect over the knee boots for Petites with a full elasticated leg for most calf shapes and foot designs.

3. DREAM PAIRS Over the Knee Thigh High Winter Boots

DREAM PAIRS Over the Knee Thigh Highs Winter Boots, another set off over the knee boots for Petites. The booties have the following to offer:

Top Features:

  • Soft Faux Fur Lining: This is the best feature for the cold winter. The fur lining has better thermal retention for cold weather and winter.
  • Rear Lace-Up Design: This feature provides you with a versatile touch that makes it easy to slide on and off these booties whenever you wish to.
  • Cushioned Insole Touch: While these over the knee boots feature a round toe and low heel design, they again have a cushioned insole that adds a top touch to the soft interior lining.
  • Side Zipper Closure: The zipper works with the rear lace to provide better air circulation and an easy slide in and off.

Top Benefits:

  • Striking Design: Looks striking with their amazing designs. Thanks to the super-soft, slouchy style that these booties incorporate.
  • Maximum Safety: With this synthetic solve, you will have the best non-slip touch. So don’t worry about slippery floors.
  • Best Use Comfort: The boot has an opening that measures approximately 15 inches around. It again has a cushioned insole and a low-heeled design.
  • Better Warmth Retention: With the faux fur lining, cold winter mornings are nothing to worry about anymore. These boots will offer the best heat retention.


  • Non-slip outsole
  • Durable leatherette
  • Several cool color designs
  • Easy slide on and off
  • High-end warmth retention


  • May feet are too warm in a hot weather

Verdict: Best for new buyers who want something easy to use with more style and personality. Thanks to its many hues and simple comfort.

4. DREAM PAIRS Women’s High Riding Boots

Like the sister above, DREAM PAIRS Women’s High Riding Boots offers so much in terms of features and benefits. Look.

Top Features:

  • Synthetic Sole: Thanks to its top design, this model enjoys one of the best handmade designs. It has a synthetic sole that has a stylish touch to them.
  • Rubber TPR Outsole: The rubberized outsole offers grip like no other. It eliminates accidental falls and gives you the best non-slip sole designs.
  • Faux Fur Lining: Warmth retention on a cold winter morning is not anything to worry about. Thanks to the thick faux fur lining that these boots offer.
  • Buckled Straps: Around the ankles are the buckled straps. These straps maximize the snug fit touch. They again offer safer ties and protection around the ankle boots.
  • Curved Zipper: The presence of the curved zipper enables you to wear and remove the boots easily. It is safe and will offer you an easy user experience too.

Top Benefits:

  • Snug Fit Design: The faux fur lining is equally soft and provides you with better comfort and a snug fit design. The boots add a buckle and strap design that holds them in place so easily.
  • Ideal Shaft Height: At 17.5″, these boots cover most part of your legs. In doing so, it protects the leg from scratches and cold. Again, it keeps the harmful UV rays at bay.
  • Top-Rated Comfort: These suitable over the knee boots have padded faux fur lining and insole for comfort – no hard landing.


  • Safe leatherette design
  • Wider heel sole
  • A safer and softer landing
  • Warm during cold weather
  • Protects the leg from scratches


  • Wider heels may feel heavy

Verdict: The best over the knee boots for users that love a snug-fitting design. Thanks to its buckled strap designs. They are equally affordable and ideal if you are working on a tight budget.

5. Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Frankly Equestrian Boot

By brand, the Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Frankly Equestrian Bootis arguably the best over the knee boots. But here is what makes it stand out.

Top Feature:

  • Synthetic Leatherette Material: These boots are made of synthetic material. They have 95% synthetic material and 5% elastic materials. This means that it will serve you better and longer.
  • Synthetic Sole: besides that is the boots have synthetic soles. Well, these may not be non-slip technology, but they can again give you decent and reliable support.
  • Zipper Closure Design: Thanks to the zipper design, these boots are easy to close. They can again be won easily and removed quickly. This gives you an enjoyable user experience.
  • Ideal Knee Heel: There is the three-inch block heel. This type of heel enhances support and helps you to relax your muscles if you intend to walk for a longer distance.

Top Benefits:

  • Longer Shaft: The best thing about these OTK boots is their higher shaft. The shaft covers above the knee and, in so doing, protects the leg from harm.
  • Easy Cleaning: Synthetic material means that you will have an easy cleaning experience. You will again have a less touch of dirt.
  • Universal Design: Thanks to their super-stylish design, these boots are easy to rock with absolutely any type of outfit. You can wear them with a skirt, trouser, or a short legs and still look stylish.


  • Luxurious synthetic design
  • Adjustable zipper fit
  • Classic matt color
  • It keeps your legs warm
  • Easy zipper and self-tie design


  • Limited colors

Verdict: Best for you if you are looking for something stylish with a balanced design. These boots are easy to use and will give you better support.

6. Women’s Over the Knee Boots – Comfortable Block Heel

Finally, the Women’s Over the Knee Boots – Comfortable Block Heel. And what makes this model one of the best over the knee boots?

Top Features:

  • 100% Suede: They designed these boots using luxurious faux suede material. It is 100% suede and will last longer, irrespective of the type of use.
  • Synthetic and Manmade Sole: Along with its faux suede model is the synthetic and artificial sole. These are often the non-slip soles. You’ll still get significant support, too.
  • Side Zipper Closure: This thigh-high boots is a top-off outfit. They have an easy-to-slip on construction that’s maximized by a side zipper. The zipper makes it easy to slide in and off the boots.

Top Benefits:

  • Lengthier Legs: Designed using vegan faux leather, and an additional constructed outsole, these boots will allow you to strut in style. They are top-notch and will leave you with an eco-friendly set of boots.
  • Several Colors: If you are looking for endless outfit combinations, these are the best knee boot to go with. They are easy to adorn and will work well with your favorite dresses, skirts, and shorts!
  • Lasting Comfort: With the presence of zipper technology, you will effortlessly enjoy slips. The comfort has a lasting experience because of the easy inside zipper and additional rubber sole for proper traction.
  • Proper Cover: Thanks to its lengthier shaft, if approximately 25.5 inches, these boots provide a large length cover with better safety.


  • Longer lengthier shaft
  • Cooler colors to choose from
  • Longer heels with better balance
  • Easy to wear zipper design
  • Proper traction while walking


  • Synthetic soles aren’t non-slip soles

Verdict: These over-the-high boots feature the most comfortable cushioned insole, which snuggles your feet and provides you with top comfort with every step.

How to Wear Your Over the Knee Boots for Petites

Can Petite People Wear Over the Knee Boots


Being petite with a crush over the best over the knee boots, it’s essential that you learn how to rock your boots. With a proper touch, you’ll find out that knee boots are awesomely stylish and worth every dollar.

So how do you do it? Just make sure that you choose your best design. You can follow through with your attire, favorite color, or simply your personality. That said, look at some of the best tips for rocking these babies.

Hit the Right Spot

Make sure that your boots are above the knee. However, they should not be so low or too high that they make you uncomfortable. Rather, just ensure that they hit the right spot.

Avoid Long Tops

Yes. I said it. If you want to rock your best OTK boots and want them to stand out, let them draw attention. Longer tops will suck them in and move the attention to the top instead of the boots.

Match the Pants

It works better if the boots match with the pants or tights. You can do the same with the leggings. It makes your legs appear longer.

Try High Waist Jeans

Have you ever seen cowgirls dress? That’s what I am talking about. Having high waist skinny jeans just makes the boots pop!


Keeping Over the Knee Boots in Place

So how do you ensure you’re effective over the knee boots for Petites to stay up? Here are a few tips that will help.

  • Use a Plastic Bag: Wear your leg in the plastic bag first before you slip it into your boots. You can tear off any showing parts.
  • Get a Fashion Tape: Technology has changed a great deal. Today, we’ve got the fashion tapes that make your work easy. They are dual tape that will hold on to your tight and the knee boot at the same time.
  • Use Leggings and Tights: These two will again hold the inner lining of the boots in place. In doing so, they prevent the boots from slipping back down.

Top Tips When Buying Your Over the Knee Boots for Petites

Can Petite People Wear Over the Knee Boots


So what should you consider when buying your petite boots with an over the knee design? Let me give you some hints.

Right Fit

The first thing that you want to have is the perfect fit. A snug fit is often advisable. With a proper fit, you will enjoy zero discomforts. The tall boots will leave you with a better experience and an enjoyable design.


Besides that, having your over the knee boots lasting longer is ideal. If they do, you will enjoy better value for your money too. Make sure that you choose a durable material that can provide that, such as:

  • Faux suede
  • Leather
  • Synthetic leather

Style Tip

What other details have been added to your best over the knee boots? Certain things will make the boot stand out more and give you a stylish touch. They include:

  • Buckle and strap
  • Color
  • Block or sharp soles
  • Creased up design
  • Laces (front or rear)

Right Size

Another tip is the size. Apart from the fit, having the right size is equally important. Make sure that you’ve followed the size chart that your manufacturer has provided to get the ideal size for your use.

Sole Type

Non-slip soles are the best if you walk mostly on slippery surfaces. A synthetic gives you the perfect support and traction. The choice you make depends on your needs.


Furry internal lining and soft insoles are again super cool. They will leave you with a soft landing and zero blisters or pain.

Easy Use

Finally, look for over the knee boots that are easy to use. You can focus more on zipper technology for a simpler slip-on and off-model.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can wear over the knee boots?

Petite girls are super cool with over the knee boots. Short girl can again wear such long boots as they find models that will hit the right place above the knee.

What hell height do they call petite?

Anyone that hits 5fit and 3 inches is petite. So, if you hit this range, it is okay; you are petite.

Where can I buy my over the knee boots?

Buy them online. You will get better prices, discounts, and magnificent offers. You will again save money and time.


Now that I have seen everything that you need to know about the over the knee boots for petites, why not make your choice right away?

Pick a model among what I have and rock like the beauty that you are. Keep in mind the need to take proper care of your boots so that you get the value for your money. And if you are looking for more tips on these boots, contact us.


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