A Guide to Choosing the Right Shoes For Indoor Ball Hockey

We’ve asked the experts from hockey and indoor ball hockey leagues, as well as researchers from Mcmaster University and York University, to answer a few questions about the best shoes for indoor ball hockey.

They’ve also recommended a couple of brands that make great indoor balls.

So, if you are looking for the best shoes for hockey then we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 shoes and put them to the test. They are all rated based on factors such as design, comfort, and durability.

Here we have reviewed the 5 best shoes for indoor ball hockey in 2023 

1. Diadora Kid’s Cattura TF Jr Turf Soccer Shoes

Diadora Kids Cattura TF JR Turf Soccer Shoe (1.5 Little Kid, Red/Royal/White)

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Kid’s Cattura TF Jr Turf Soccer Shoes is a great way to help them get comfortable with the feel of a soccer cleat.

These shoes will help them perfect their skills and techniques, while also giving them protection from the elements on the field.

The synthetic leather upper and soft lining make these shoes perfect for an active child that loves to play soccer.

If you’re looking for that perfect gift this holiday season, Diadora has got you covered!

Your child will be ready to take on their next match when they wear these Diadora Kid’s Cattura TF Jr Turf Soccer Shoes.

Good Sides:

  • The comfortable synthetic lining feels as if it’s hugging your foot every time you put them on.
  • The rubber sole helps keep your feet from slipping during those quick turns.
  • Kids will be able to wear these shoes during any kind of weather.
  • Diadora has got you covered this festive season by offering these soccer shoes as a holiday gift.

Bad Sides:

  • They might be too heavy for some children that prefer to wear their cleats lighter than others due to the style and mission of the shoes they select.

2. KELME Men Indoor Turf Soccer Shoe, Arch Support Soccer Cleats

KELME Men Indoor Turf Soccer Shoe, Arch Support Soccer Cleats, Performance Futsal Sneaker Blue US 8

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Expert Score
Value for money8.8

This KELME Men Indoor Turf Soccer Shoe, Arch Support Soccer Cleats are ideal for indoor soccer. These shoes have a soft synthetic upper and a durable, rubber sole.

The synthetic upper provides comfort and support while the rubber sole offers traction and durability.

They are available in several colors and styles. Keeps your feet dry so you don’t slip when sprinting.

You can wear this shoe ad it will last through many hours of play. This pair of shoes will be the best indoor soccer shoes for wide feet.

Good Sides:

  • The rubber cleats will provide maximum traction
  • They are available in several colors and styles, so you can find the perfect pair for your child.
  • They also have leather overlays to help with durability and stability.
  • These shoes are very lightweight.

Bad Sides:

  • Nice turf shoes, though they are a size up.

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3. ASICS Women’s Upcourt 4 Court Shoes – Best Women’s Volleyball Shoes

ASICS Women's Upcourt 4 Volleyball Shoes, 7.5, Black/White

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Expert Score
Value for money9.4

This ASICS Women’s Upcourt 4 Court shoe is constructed with synthetic leather overlays that help keep support and stability during rapid transitions and braking, while the breathable mesh paneling delivers extra airflow to keep feet comfortable during games.

Lastly, the UPOP 4 shoe is designed to enhance the forefoot’s athletic performance, featuring a cored-out structure that promotes optimal balance and comfort in running.

The rubber sole also provides excellent traction on a variety of surfaces.

Good Sides:

  • The go-to soccer shoe!
  • Breathable synthetic uppers
  • Rubber Gumsole increased durability and traction.
  • These shoes provide a combination of cushioning and stability for all court surfaces.
  • The breathable mesh upper keep your feet cool and dry during play, and the lace-up closure provides a secure fit.

Bad Sides

  •  It can be tight at the toes on occasion.

4. Diadora Women’s Capitano ID Indoor Soccer Shoes – Very Comfy Shoes

Diadora Women's Capitano ID Indoor Soccer Shoes (6.5 Wide, Columbia Blue/Black)

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This is a women’s soccer shoe from Diadora. This is a mid-cut indoor soccer shoe. It has an indoor court focus, which means it has a synthetic upper and a synthetic lining to provide you with a synthetic upper that provides you with a great touch and feel for the ball.

The synthetic lining is what helps the shoe resist moisture, which means that your feet won’t be soaked in sweat when you’re playing.

The synthetic upper also helps the shoe to provide you with durability control, as it’s resistant to abrasion.

Also at the back of the shoe is some compression terry cloth that helps in keeping your feet dry and allows them to breathe during play.

Good Sides

  • A great option for athletes with orthotics or inserts, because Diadora offers a wide range of sizes.
  • Reinforced toe box keeps toes from getting smashed on quick kicks
  • Abrasion-resistant gum rubber outsole
  • Durable and will run well on all indoor surfaces.

Bad Sides

  • Some people found it felt narrow.
  • Some people slip around in the turf indoor

5. Adidas Performance Men’s Samba Classic Indoor Soccer Shoe

adidas Men's Samba Classic Soccer Shoe,Black/Running White,9 M US

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Shop your new Adidas Samba most comfortable indoor soccer shoes today! The Samba is a versatile, agile shoe designed with artificial turf in mind.

The lightweight design of this shoe will give you the agility needed to make moves down the field.

The grippy outsole will give you traction on any surface, while the EVA foam midsole will cushion your moves.

The tongue stabilizers keep your laces from coming undone, and Grip stripes will give you added security when making short, quick movements.

A gusseted tongue and Perforated Tongue will keep your feet feel cool while on the pitch. Comfort is key in this shoe.

Good Sides

  • Lightweight design for agility
  • EVA foam midsole for lightweight cushioning
  • Tongue stabilizers provide a secure fit that stays put
  • Grip stripes on the instep and forefoot area provide multi-directional grip

Bad Sides

  • Some people found it difficult to put on.
  • Some people have complained that the shoe runs small.

What Type of Shoe to Use for Ball Hockey?

The base shoe is a combination of the natural motion and support that hybrid shoes have to offer.

This can be just as good if not even better depending on what you play while having all the benefits of increased stability found in midsoles.

No sliding caused by excessive control with sticks or brooms at some hockey games.

The shoe still is lightweight and has the same number of features as hybrid shoes with a bulkier, more shock-absorbing base to help keep the foot from moving on top of the thin sole, which takes away some stability.

Insensitive plastic caps are used to protect your feet in cold weather. But offer no real protection otherwise, so you need something even thicker than that if playing outdoors presumably.

This kind of shoe is for play by a goalie, defender, and forward. The ball style alone is enough to make the shoes specific because in soccer your body needs energy but not any real rubber hardness once you think about it.

So having a good grip from sticks that aren’t intense and yet are durable isn’t too much work.

But using softer balls takes away some force, causing almost no difference at all as far as cushioning goes, so if you’re specifically looking for that purpose we won’t go into it.

They’re attractive, comfortable, and reasonably priced but offer no real advantages in the end as far as being a good hockey shoe goes.

This is why you can find somewhat similar shoes from players who use them at this very day with equal effectiveness towards their soccer game.

They’re great for soccer though because they allow more energy to be put on by your feet.

So if there’s any numbness or fatigue, you’re probably not moving enough where foot speed is concerned and commonly called for in soccer.

This would be the least far related to literally any other type of sport, so with that we’ll walk past them quickly (maybe because there is more than one pair out there).

You can’t use them at all fall into two categories, those which start doing accentuating themselves around 7-14 Celsius degrees below zero.

Following all of them, you will be able to find the best shoes for indoor ball hockey.

Why Is the Right Kind of Shoes For Indoor Ball Hockey So Important?

Good hockey shoes should provide some protection to the ankles and around the insole where your feet contact when skating.

Look for a good fit in both length and width, as shoe size can differ from brand to brand depending on their intended use.

Both shoes need a D-shaped or flat sole to allow for precision movement, making them excellent for basketball, soccer, and most sports that utilize lateral movements.

The cushioning is perfect as it absorbs the impact of heel strike while allowing you to move your feet quickly and efficiently.

They have contoured fit features under the arch, which help keep everything in place with no bunching up anywhere on foot, including around toes where running tends against taking care of.

The overpronation among many can take it to price and, in most cases, result from lower shoe brands.

While the ideal foot types for this design tend toward moderate high-arched feet that pronate, still a lot of people end up suffering from issues with their shoes due to bad footwear.

So you need the best indoor soccer shoes for flat feet with great arch support. 

And since your support structure is directly under your arch by heel you need supports at all points rather than trying for added cushioning on top of your feet.

Sometimes it’s not enough to use a hybrid shoe and believe that you are getting good cushioning, as so many soccer players do when they run without it.

But without supports having bad arch support can make all the difference if used in just about any sport for long-duration periods.

You will take more pain away by other shoes or in the end have fewer issues with injuries.


Indoor ball hockey is an exciting sport, but it can be very dangerous if you don’t have the right equipment.

You need to have the right shoes and balls to play indoor ball hockey, otherwise, you will end up with injuries.

We are sharing our top 5 picks for the best shoes for indoor ball hockey in this blog post.

Let us know which ones you prefer in the comments below!

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