Best New Balance Walking Shoes 2022 For Your All Day Comfort

Accelerating in the tracks of manhattan, or a short casual walk in the neighborhood, the best pair of shoes always stay as everyone’s first priority.

Speaking of the best pair of shoes, New Balance swiftly steals the sweet spot right after the word’ best walking shoe’ is spoken.

Only a few numbered brands have the potential to show this much resilience in today’s fierce global footwear competition.

best new balance walking shoes

The list of the best new balance walking shoes could be never-ending. But an expert assessment is a must have to pick up only the best performers among the plethora of choices.

Follow through the article to get your hands on the best ever New Balance shoes out there.

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Editor’s Picks Of the Best New Balance Walking Shoes

Here, the shoes are rated on a scale of 10 for an easier and quick overview of the readers. Follow along with our article for an in-depth overview of every mentioned item.

Table of Contents

Best New Balance Walking Shoes For Men

Stylish but Most Comfortable Walking Shoe: New Balance Men’s 1300 Trail Walking Shoe

Expert Opinion

Settling with a shoe that is both cool to attend all-day events and gives maximum comfort is something that very rarely happens. New Balance Men’s 1300 perfectly masters the art of both design and comfort.

Available for the wide to narrow feet options, this pair just shuts off the forever known wide and narrow feet problems.

Its leather upper build-up is so classically good-looking that you’ll be in the mood no matter wherever you’re wearing this.

You could find a slight resemblance in design with the New Balance Men’s 669 V2, but 1300 is more of a classic one.

The rubber outsole of this shoe ensures you get a maximum grip on the ground even if it’s wet and slippery with mud and water.

Coming to the comfort section, the shoe is another name for comfort to its users’ thanks to the new balance fresh foam. Just slid into the heavenly comfort and fall in love with walking.

Additionally, this pair also serves as hiking shoes so, get going in versatile usage and master perfection all the way along.

Even after this strong, bold outlook, this shoe is surprisingly lightweight. So, never fear getting tiring feet even after extended walk hours.

What we liked

  • Enhanced feet support for the leather upper.
  • Cushioned inner gives maximum comfort.
  • No pain in long hours of use for surprisingly low weight.
  • The rubber sole ensures maximum grip on the ground.

What we didn’t like

  • The sole wears off after heavy use.

Final opinion

This is one of New Balance’s best classical walking shoes. If you want to have rigid support along with an ultra comforting feature, this shoe is a have to get your hands on.

Best New Balance Shoe With Wide Toe Box: New Balance Men’s 877 V1 

Expert opinion

New Balance Men’s 877 V1 manages to take its spot on the best new balance walking shoes for its impressive built quality and enhanced comfort.

There would be hardly any shoe lover who stay updated with the trend and haven’t heard of the Men’s 877.

Weighing less than a pound, this shoe gives everything that you expect to find in Men’s 1300, 577 V1, or 669 V2.

No way you can disregard what it’s been hiding underneath its sleeves.

The combination of vintage and modern mix design with mesh upper greatly increases airflow inside the shoe. Besides, the soft cushioning makes sure your feet are extraordinarily comforted from dust to dawn.

To be exact, the shoe is made thinking of the user’s long use requirement, which reflects in its build quality. Your hours of walk won’t strain the shoe a little, thanks to its support and well-gripped rubber outsole.

Besides formation, there is plenty of space in the toe box for not struggling with wide foot problems. And it also provides optimum arch support that makes your walking even more entertaining.

What we liked

  • Mesh upper increases airflow inside.
  • Soft cushioning gives ultimate comfort in the regular walk.
  • Lightweight formation ensures less struggle while walking.
  • Spacious toe box wipes away discomfort caused by toe stiffness.

What we didn’t like

  • Might absorb dirt little more than average.

Final opinion

This pair brings on the table a great user experience that could be ideal for your morning-to-night daily events. Also, under this price range, this is a great deal to get settled with.

Best New Balance Walking Shoes for Wide Feet: New Balance Men’s 577 

Expert Score
Light weight9.6

Expert opinion

Dare to say old school at first glance? Before getting into the looks, you’d have looked at the specs and performance first. Because as people say it, the devil is in the detail. There is plenty of reason why this pair has been dominating the market from its first inception in the year 2010.

Among many other promising features, the first thing to note is its Abzorb cushioning for exceptional shock absorption.

Along with that, the leather-made upper gives it the form factor which ensures maximum support while you’re marching on your porch or roads.

Its polyurethane midsole ensures a luxury footbed that gives your every footstep extended comfort for long hours of wearing.

Yeah, there’re some definite concerns about not having a trendier style like men’s 1300 or 877 V1, but if you weigh everything, there is hardly any way to wipe it out of the list.

For style, its reflective accents design could be a turning point that catches the light and attracts attention.

Lastly, its rubber outsole gives you a decent backup, which is just sufficient for your regular walking needs. Besides, the price tag it comes under definitely makes it worth trying in the budget segment.

What we liked

  • Leather upper provides sufficient support.
  • Abzorb cushioning absorbs shocks to protect your heel.
  • Polyurethane midsole ensures the comfort of your every step.
  • Provides decent traction with its rubber-made outsole.

What we didn’t like

  • People with low arches might struggle with this pair.

Final opinion

A great deal in the budget arena with so many perks of luxury walking shoes. If you dug into the cave of the best shoe with or without the budget tag, this shoe is set to impress you nevertheless.

Best Long Distance Road Walking Shoes: New Balance Men’s 847 V4 


Expert Score
Value for money9.0

Expert opinion

Rising in the high price tier New Balance Men’s 847 V4 introduces new aspects to the race for quality walking shoe segment. This is the company’s one of the new additions, which certainly lives upto the hype.

If you’re concerned about comfort, you need not worry any longer as its TRUFUSE responsive midsole cushioning ensures ultimate comfort.

Additionally, its rollbar stability post system makes sure you’re not missing any bit of support and ensures perfect rare foot movement.

For stability and heel comfort, TPU heel insert gives the best kind of support you’d ask for. Head to head, this pair throws a great challenge to the Brooks’, Nike’s walking shoe line.

The list doesn’t miss out on the strong contenders from the New Balance line like Men’s 877 V1, 1300 as well.

Although for around 2 pounds of weight, you can’t bring it to the lightweight class, it tactful engineering never makes you feel the same.

It goes very light on your feet and flows just enough air through its breathable mesh upper. Finally, the compact bundle offer justifies its stands on the price point with sufficient advantage this pair ensures.

What we liked

  • TPU heel insert ensures the best heel protection.
  • Trufuse midsole offers ultimate walking comfort.
  • Rollbar stability system gives maximized support.
  • Mesh upper ensures decent airflow for a great walking experience.

What we didn’t like

  • The width fit size is a bit too wide for average wide footers.

Final opinion

In today’s ever-soaring competition in the walking shoe industry, New Balance just made sure it’s staying on par with the challenges with its Men’s 847 V4. This could be an excellent pick for your shopping list if you’re not too constrained by budget.

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Best Casual Walking Shoes With Arch Support: New Balance Men’s 669 V2


Expert Score
Light weight9.3
Value for money8.9

Expert opinion

Has it ever happened that you looked into something and your eyes got stuck? If yes, then this pair is one of those kinds.

Style, design, and comfort.

Three words that perfectly resemble the New Balance Men’s 669 V2, one of the recent yet much-adorned shoes by the New Balance fans. Its wonderful rusty-modern outlook is just perfect for any outdoor activity.

Besides that, the shoe has an ABZORB midsole which ensures advanced shock absorption without letting your feet get hurt on any surface. The polyurethane insert inside gives enough cushioning to comfort your feet all day long.

Plus, its strong built and flexible rubber outsole ensures maximum grip for your on-track and off-track walking.

To some extent, you can consider the shoe as one of the basic level athletic shoes or tennis shoes, thanks to its well comforting support and balance.

Lastly, its breathable mesh comes as a great help when it comes to decently circulating air inside the shoe for your long time of wearing.

What we liked

  • Mix suede mesh upper gives enough support for every step.
  • Lightweight formation is a great fit for long-time walking.
  • Rubber outsole is wonderfully designed for off and on-road experience.
  • Modern influenced design is great for everyday wear.

What we didn’t like

  • Might feel a little wide for the narrow footers.

Final opinion

A perfect walking companion for you if you care about the outlook and can’t even let go of the performance concern by a bit. In a decent price range, this shoe is ready to beat off other industry leaders with ease.

Best New Balance Walking Shoes For Women

Best Shoes for Overall: New Balance Women’s Ralaxa V1 Walking Shoe

Expert opinion

Ever wondered how it’d feel like sinking into the soft plush cushioning of the shoe you bought?

Well, New Balance Women’s Ralaxa gives you the luxury of in and beyond what means great comfort for your feet with its cush+ cushioning.

The product line Ralaxa lives upto its name not only by the comfort it provides but also by the cute, trendy design it offers. Its cautiously comforted design lets you wear it in any event in your morning to night routine.

Although this pair comes close to Women’s 1350 V1, in a detailed comparison, 1350 V1 looks much more sturdy and bulky.

Plus, this pair has a breathable textile and mesh upper, which infuses air into the shoe and drives away your discomfort of a long time wearing. And its adjustable lace closure gives you the option to make a custom fit depending on your need.

Lastly, the EVA outsole with rubber pods adds another perk to your daily walking experience with sufficient grip over the ground you’re striding.

So, you can continue your hours of an expedition without giving much thought to what’s under you.

What we liked

  • Rubber-made EVA outsole offers maximum traction.
  • Textile and mesh upper permit enough airflow for enhanced comfort.
  • Cush+ midsole gives enough heel protection.
  • Lace-up adjustment enables a custom fit for your different requirements.

What we didn’t like

  • Not that good for running experience.

Final opinion

New Balance Women’s Ralaxa V1 is a rightful partner in a good budget range for women who seek a stylish outlook and won’t compromise a tiny drop in comfort.

Best New Balance Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis: New Balance Women’s Fresh Foam 1165 V1

Expert opinion

Toggling between best performers of New Balance, any shoe expert has to get stumbled on the New Balance Women’s 1165 V1’s amazing performance.

To start speaking about this masterpiece, we’ve to start talking about it cushioning first. It has got New Balance’s signature fresh foam midsole which offers pillow-like comfort to anyone wearing this.

Its sufficient toe box space gives your toes enough room to get rest all day long without much stressing. Furthermore, the shoe has a technically designed rubber outsole that will keep you safe from the slightest slip on the ground.

This pair shows excellent performance in maintaining an impressively low weight even after a very strong build-up. Weighing only 0.48 pounds, the shoe will make you feel like floating whenever you’re wearing this.

The simplicity and wonderful design architecture further add perks to this shoe and make it a top contender in the women’s shoe section like New Balance Women’s 1350 V1 and Ralaxa V1.

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What we liked

  • Lightweight feature ensures the highest flexibility.
  • Fresh foam midsole enhances feet comfort.
  • Stylish design enables it as an everyday regular walking shoe.
  • Spacious toe box enables long comforted walk.

What we didn’t like

  • Little size mismatching issues were reported, so it’s better to be mindful of the size chart before purchase.

Final opinion

A worthy contender to feed your 360-degree need of any walking shoe. From performance to comfort, you can get covered all the way, regardless of how many hours you wear it every day.

Most Comfortable Sneakers for Standing All Day: New Balance Women’s 496 V3 Walking Shoe


Expert Score
Light weight9.5
For working out9.5

Expert opinion

Backpacking for your long trip in summer or just a casual walk in the evening, New Balance Women’s 496 V3 is the perfect shoe to pick. From design to the formation, it swings into the market as a competition killer.

The shoe has quite a rigid formation compared to the women’s 1165 V1 and men’s 1300, as there is leather and mesh mixed upper.

It gives enhanced stability for off and on-road walking experiences. The formation as well gives a classic yet impressive look to this shoe, making it perfect for any regular event.

Besides, it comes with ultra comforting cush+ cushioning, which clears off any queries about comfort.

Just slip your feet in and be comforted all day long. The padded collar and cushioned tongue further enhance your walking experience, hugging your feet completely.

This pair has a roomy toe box that gives you plenty of room for your toes without any stiffness. So, even if you’ve wide foot you can rest assured with complete comfort.

Finally, the strike path in the outsole brings in extraordinary stability on the ground, enhancing foot grip on any surface. This further helps the users in the gait process with enhanced support.

What we liked

  • Enhanced traction with engineered rubber sole.
  • Extra cushioning inside makes sure you get extraordinary comfort.
  • Lightweight formation perfect for all-day use.
  • Roomy toe box for enhanced comfort.

What we didn’t like

  • Might feel a little bulky for the size it comes in.

Final opinion

A compact and sturdy companion for your feet but is surprisingly lightweight and comfortable for all-day use. If you’re looking for something durable also gives you great support. New Balance Women’s 496 V3 could be your right pick.

Most Cushioned Walking Shoes for Women: New Balance Women’s 577 V1

Expert Score
Light weight9.1

Expert opinion

Want something reliable for your summer outing activities or your daily chores without a need for much washing and polishing? Hop in and grab a pair of New Balance Women’s 577 V1.

It’s 100% leather upper will keep itself less prone to stains and dirt on the ground along with great support to your feet.

Although it comes only in 2 colors, the shoe’s comfort won’t let your mind go sideways for a second. This pair used Polyurethane Midsole for ultra-comforted cushioning of your feet every step of the way.

Not only that, its padding on all sides just hugs your feet perfectly, making all day walking completely hassle-free. Furthermore, this pair has a narrower heel and spacious toe box that extends feet support along the way.

Besides, the rubber-made sole gives superior traction, especially if you’re walking on a concrete floor.

Compared to its other counterparts, like  496 V3 and  1165 V1, wearing this shoe could be a little hassle, as this one is a lace-up one.

Lacing up every time could feel a little strenuous work compared to its counterparts 496 V3 and  1165 V1. Then again, if you’re comfortable with its experience, then it’s nothing to be bothered about much.

What we liked

  • Leather upper offers additional support in regular walking.
  • Rubber outsole holds your feet’ grip hard on the ground.
  • Soft padding alleviates comfort in every step.
  • You can adjust the fitting with the lace-up adjustment.

What we didn’t like

  • There’re some reports of making squeaks while walking.

Final opinion

A touch of comfort in a classic-looking design. This pair is ideal for women who appreciate a shoe by its comfort and features and don’t get bothered much with the lace-up fitting.

Best Waterproof Walking Shoes for Women: New Balance Women’s Fresh Foam 1350 V1 Walking Shoe

Expert Score

Expert opinion

In the list of top ten New Balance Women’s 1350 V1 makes its pleasant appearance for its modern cityscape design and wonderful arch support.

This pair can serve your 2 in one needs, walking shoe and trail running shoe, thanks to its rugged trail technology and wonderful walking shoe feature. Its stylish mesh upper ensures you never feel the need for air even after hours of use.

Interesting fact about 1350 V1 is it’s made of a waterproof upper, which is missing on its listed counterparts like Ralaxa V1, 1165 V1, and 577 V1.

Besides that, New Balance’s fresh foam addition makes the shoe perfectly comfy for regular walking needs.

As we’ve already mentioned, it’s a multipurpose tracking shoe, so we don’t think any further clarification is required for its rubber sole to provide good traction.

Plus, the promising arch support in this pair makes it great for plantar fasciitis or any sort of foot pain.

So, walk your pet in the afternoon or go to a long walkway across streets; this comfortable shoe has you covered.

What we liked

  • Water-resistance upper suitable for all-weather usage.
  • Optimum arch support for a comfortable walk.
  • Rugged modern look blends in almost any environment.
  • Fresh foam cushioning ensures maximum comforting footbed.

What we didn’t like

  • Particular women might feel a grudge against the sturdy look in the women’s shoe.

Final opinion

A worthy contender to secure a safe spot in the most comfortable walking shoes list. If you’re in need of a shoe with greater arch support and extensive comfort, this is a must-purchase option you’re looking at.

Things You Must Consider Before Buying Your Walking Shoe

best new balance walking shoes

Here is a list of thing you must consider before choosing any walking shoe.

It has to fit well

Well, first thing first. If a shoe doesn’t fit properly, what would be its use other than paining your feet all day long?

Get a perfect-sized shoe that isn’t too congested nither too wide. Make sure there is enough toe space for relaxing and avoid stiffing your feet.

Can’t sacrifice comfort

Walking shoe is something you’ll probably wear for hours. Here little drop of quality over time will feel like a big uncomfortable blow to your feet. So, put everything aside when it comes to comfort.

Its footbed has to be well cushioned, and your heels should be well protected. Besides, ensure there is enough airflow if you’ve plans for a long walk in summer.

Must weigh less

An important aspect we often oversee is the weight of a shoe. If a shoe weighs more than what it’s supposed to weigh, then you’ll easily get your legs tired after a few minutes of walk.

So, go for a pair that is lightweight as much as possible for a long comforting walk all day long.

Don’t let go of the design

Well, finally, the design. Utilize your design sense while purchasing the shoe and try to go for the best-designed ones. Here, the reason is simple why not impress your surrounding while you’ve the chance?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it OK to wear running shoes for walking?

Yes, it’s ok to wear running shoes for walking. But you’ve to keep in mind that there’re some differences as running shoes are made for more rigorous physical activities.

Should walking shoes be a size bigger?

Typically, experts suggest going for a big-sized walking shoe if you usually walk for a long time. The reason behind this is our feet sort of swell after a long time of walk and need extra space. So, it’d be much more comfortable if you go for a bigger size.

Which are the best women’s walking boots?

New Balance women’s 1165 V1, 577 V1, 1350 V1, 496 V3, Ralaxa V1 are some of the best women’s walking boots available in the market.

Do New Balance shoes run wide or narrow?

New Balance shoes are made for a good fit for every kind of foot be it narrow or wide. There is a size chart where you get to pick your desired regular to the wide-sized shoe. But if you ask for a general opinion, some of the New Balance shoes tend to run a bit wide.

Final Remarks

Searching for the right kind of shoes for your feet could be very troubling. But you know what is even more disturbing? Purchasing and wearing a shoe that don’t suit or comfort your feet.

We understand your worst nightmare and feel what this could bring aside from wasting a good chunk of money. We hope our soul purpose of detailed down best new balance walking shoes has helped you get your best pick.

So, keep on walking and stay fit.

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