A Guide to Choosing the Right Horse Bit Loafers

Tired of wearing the same old formal shoe every day? Need a little spark in your fashion?

But need to maintain that traditional vibe? You need a pair of shoes to bridge the gap between formal and casual.

We have just the shoes for you. Horse bit Loafers will do the trick. Our recommendations for the best horse-bit loafers will help you choose the perfect loafer for you.

Suppose you talk about the benefits of a loafer. What can you get out of it? You can wear it to a gala night also at a casual beach party and even to a mass at church. They will look good everywhere.

But we don’t wear a shoe just because it looks good, do we? The first thing we keep in mind while trying a shoe is comfort.

According to Jeremy Kirkland, creator, and host of the menswear podcast Blamo!

The main advantage of loafers is that they gradually move and conform to your feet. The fit can be ideal once they’ve been broken in.

Before jumping into our top picks of best horse-bit loafers, let’s take a quick look into how horse-bit loafers changed the fashion world.

Origin of Horse Bit Loafers

In 1953, during his visit to New York, Aldo Gucci noticed a huge portion of American men were obsessing over slip-on loafers.

Aldo Gucci was not satisfied with its simplicity in design. It had no flair of fashion in them.

As a result, when Mr. Gucci returned to the Gucci headquarters in Italy, he added leather loafers to the brand’s lineup of products.

To add that missing flair of fashion, Gucci embellished the loafer with a golden-hued metal strap in the shape of a horse’s snaffle bit, a recurring icon of Gucci’s fashions.

The Gucci loafers turned out to be an instant sensation worldwide. Hollywood stars like Peter Sellers and Francis Ford Coppola were first spotted wearing the horse bit loafers, which made these loafers a fashion trend.

In the ’70s it was everywhere, you could find them from corporate meeting rooms to any beach parties.

Editor’s Pick: Top 6 Best Horse Bit Loafers

Top 6 Best Horse Bit Loafers Reviews

Footwear defines a man. It’s a magnificent way to express your individuality and confidence. We want you to look better and more confident.

The right horse-bit loafers will surely help you on this matter. Here are our picks of best horse bit loafers just for you.

1. Kenneth Cole REACTION Men’s Dawson—Black Horse Bit Loafers

Kenneth Cole REACTION Men's Dawson Horsebit Driving Style Loafer, Black, 8.5

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  • Colors: Dark Grey, Navy, Black
  • Materials: Faux Leather
  • Style: Slip-On

This slip-on driver from Kenneth Cole will undoubtedly add a sleek, cool look to your wardrobe.

The upper of this shoe is constructed of man-made material and features the manufacturers gave Moc toe stitching on the front for additional aesthetics.

The Moccasin style toe gives you a wider toe box that adapts to your feet over time and use,

Compromising comfort was never an option. It is filled with a soft, cushiony material on the inside for enhanced comfort.

The utmost easement is ensured here thanks to its thick foam footbed at the bottom of the shoe.

The outsole is designed to prevail. Whether it is muddy or slippery, the durable synthetic outsole offers exceptional traction over any surface. The exposed back bumper will protect your heel from any hard object.

Even if your feet bend a bit much while walking, you don’t have to worry. The faux leather upper will sustain you no matter how much your feet bend.

The best thing about this shoe is you won’t see any visible scratches even after years of hard use.

The synthetic sole is so flexible that it will bend up to 180 degrees. So, flex at your heart content.


  • High-end durability
  • Super flexible
  • Matches perfectly with any attire


  • Simplistic design

Final opinion

When simplicity meets elegance, you get a product like this one. The price tag is relatively low, considering the features it will provide.

This bit loafer will suit with trousers and jeans quite perfectly. Overall, if you decide to buy this pair of bit loafer, then we will say your money is not wasted.

2. MJNY Casual Loafer—Horse bit Loafers Men

MJNY Mens Casual Comfortable Genuine Leather Lightweight Driving Moccasins Classic Fashion Buckle Loafer Slip On Breathable Driving Loafer Tan Napa 9.5

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  • Colors: Tan Napa, Brown Grainy, Black Napa
  • Materials: Genuine Leather
  • Style: Slip-On

Marc Joseph does not compromise in quality of shoes. All their shoes are handcrafted in Brazil by highly trained artisans with extensive knowledge of the precise manufacturing methods.

This particular model is no exception. If you need a premium quality loafer with exotic leather, this is the one.

This shoe is designed in New York and handcrafted in Brazil. The shoe is hand-stitched and crafted with premier leather to ensure premium quality.

With this shoe, you don’t have to worry about comfort. The most cutting-edge comfort technology is sought after by sourcing professionals who travel across the globe.

Comfort and fit are guaranteed thanks to the loafer’s padded footbed, gel heel insert, and rounded arch support.

Not all leathers are breathable. Only the premium and costly one does. Sometimes non-breathability leads to foot odor and rash.

Marc Joseph used high-end breathable leather to make the upper of this shoe which protects you from smelly feet and other skin infections.

Along with this breathable upper, a highly cushioned insole ensures exceptional support and comfort.

With wear, its buttery soft texture will conform to the foot. When walking or standing all day, these shoes are ideal.

The outsole is made with an Anti-Slip rubber driver sole and shock absorption feature. These technologies combined give you solid support and traction.


  • Breathable upper
  • Entirely handcrafted
  • Lightweight
  • Super comfortable


  • Low durability

Final opinion

This lightweight casual loafer is excellent for many purposes like walking, driving, office, etc. This shoe will make value for your money for its premium leather quality and relatively low price.

3. Go Tour Men’s Penny Loafers 

Go Tour Men's Penny Loafers Moccasin Driving Shoes Slip On Flats Boat Shoes Dark Blue 42

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  • Colors: Black, Brown, Grey, Beige, Blue, Sapphire Blue
  • Materials: Suede Calfskin Leather, Faux Leather
  • Style: Slip-On

Go Tour will provide you with the most elegant of footwear. You won’t have to give a second thought about its overall quality or craftmanship.

The shoe is made with faux leather. What in the world is faux leather, you might ask?

Well, Polyester microfiber is woven into a thin, soft plastic fabric to create faux suede. It’s an eco-friendly alternative to genuine suede.

The faux suede is more durable than the natural suede and often wears out quickly.

So, in the durability department, this particular loafer won’t cause any headache.

The upper is made with breathable Suede Calfskin Leather. Calfskin is regarded as one of the finest cowhide products available. Besides that, the leather is light and supple, with a delicate and smooth texture. So, rest assured if you were thinking about comfort.

Comfort features of this penny loafer don’t end here. There are more. The shoe features a leather cushioned insole.

The insole for every pair of these penny loafers is hand-made. The expert craftsmanship of these insoles makes them super soft and comfortable.

The outsole is made out of handmade rubber, which is super flexible. While walking, you can just feel the buttery flexes with every movement.

A loafer’s worth depends gravely on its craftsmanship, making methods, materials, etc. like I said before, Go Tour won’t disappoint you in elegance.

All the materials used in this shoe are hand made, like hand-stitched with the Italian Stitching Vamp.


  • High-end durability
  • Breathability
  • Extraordinary craftsmanship


  • Bit sturdy construction

Final opinion

This penny loafer offers comfortable, breathable clothing that can accompany you from the city to the beach.

This classic penny loafer is a go-to pick for people who appreciates an exquisite style that lasts, whether it be a lively or conservative color.

4. Jousen Men’s Loafers—Casual Slip-On Penny Loafer

Jousen Men's Loafers Casual Slip On Shoes Soft Penny Loafers for Men Lightweight Driving Boat Shoes (AMY802A Brown 10.5)

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Expert Score
Light weight9.5
Value for money9.3


  • Colors: White, Black, Brown
  • Materials: Faux Leather
  • Style: Slip-On

This shoe is made of 100% synthetic material, namely faux leather. Unlike natural leather, faux leather is extremely durable.

Genuine leather would be damaged if scratched or scraped, but this leather is unaffected.

Unlike leather, it won’t break or peel. With this, you can say goodbye to your concerns about durability.

The advantages of synthetic faux leather don’t end here. You can easily wash off the loafer with plain water without worrying about damaging the leather.

The outsole is crafted with high-end Non-Slip rubber. This gives you durability, improved traction, and flexibility.

This pair of slip-on moccasins are made even comfier by a breathable lining and a cushioned insole made of latex. The loafer offers the slip-on feature to put on and off easily.

The whole shoe is hand-stitched with excellent craftsmanship, making it a premium quality shoe to jewel your attire.


  • Extremely durable
  • Flexible
  • Cushioned insole


  • Lower breathability

Final opinion

This penny loafer will suit any trousers or jeans, giving you the classic style. You can wear them anywhere, business trip to a beach trip, all covered.

This is a comfortable shoe if you are spending the day standing or working. Furthermore, you don’t have to compromise aesthetics for comfort. Overall, you won’t be wasting money buying these pair of beauty.

5. Sperry Leeward Penny

Sperry Leeward Penny Sahara 10.5 M (D)

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  • Colors: Sahara, Navy, Brown Buc
  • Materials: Genuine leather, Synthetic
  • Style: Slip-On

Not every day, you will see a loafer’s footbed made out of Memory foam padding. Those who used a shoe with an Ortholite padded insole can tell how swift it feels on foot. It will give you a delicate, luxurious feeling.

The toe of this loafer is designed after the round Moc toe of the famous moccasin loafers.

In case you are unfamiliar with the Moc toe, then it refers to the stitching on the boot’s toe as being in the style of a moccasin.

The toes won’t become too hot or too cold because they are superior heat conductors. Furthermore, the Moc toe design offers a bit more space in the shoe.

Need more durability for your line of work? This penny loafer got your back. The upper is leather-crafted, which will give you that extra durability while protecting your feet.

Where to start about traction? The Leeward Penny offers more traction on any surface, wet or dry than any other loafers out there.

Small, wavy slits in the rubber outsoles and more extensive and deeper wavy grooves transport water away from the soles and provide excellent traction.

The Sperry was always famous for its fashion aesthetics and acknowledgment as a boat shoe. This particular model doesn’t disappoint us with its previous reputation.

The non-marking rubber outsoles with Wave-Sipping technology will keep you attached to the deck of your boat, whether it’s wet or dry.


  • Ortholite padding
  • Aesthetic design
  • High-end traction
  • Wave-Sipping technology


  • Costly
  • Not very breathable

Final opinion

This penny loafer is both nautical and traditional and will be making waves in your closet.

Its Pure leathery elegance will have you swooning over its beauty. If you are investing money in it, it’s a thumbs up from us.

6. Sebago Men’s Docksides Boat Shoe

Sebago Men's Docksides Portland Boat Shoes, Brown Brown 900, 11

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  • Colors: Brown Oile, Military Green, DK Brown, Brown Taupe, Navy Blue
  • Materials: Genuine leather
  • Style: Slip-On

Rawhide laces and a robust traction sole give Sebago’s shoe a classic appeal. The Docksides boat shoe and the Classic Beefroll penny loafer haven’t changed since they were first made decades ago by hand-sewing.

The Sheepskin Lining is introduced to this shoe. To the touch, it is soft and molds to the contour of your foot with time. The boat shoe’s lining provides comfort, durability, and breathability.

Memory foam provides immediate support and cushioning, which helps to minimize tiredness and cradle the foot in luxurious pleasure.

The insole may or may not be comfortable for you, depending on your preference.

If you don’t put on socks, you can feel the memory foam within the shoe. With its spongy inner, the shoe molds to the foot’s shape.

Want a superior leather shoe? Say no more- With the intention that they will only get better with time and use, these luxurious leathers are hand-picked from some of the world’s finest tanneries.

Selected designs have Genuine Leather Welts, which enhance comfort and durability as well as an eye-catching appearance. With these, now you can go boating with style.

The build quality appears to be exceptional at first glance. Because of the rubber outsole’s sturdiness, the shoe provides outstanding support.

For ease of wear, boat shoes often feature a lightweight design. Despite their sturdy construction, these sneakers are really comfortable to wear.


  • Adaptive leather
  • Memory foam padding
  • Fashionable design
  • Sheepskin Lining for superior comfort


  • Seasonal shoe
  • Costs a bit much

Final opinion

Do you consider a boat shoe a luxurious addition to your shoe wardrobe? The Sebago Crest Collection Docksides, according to our preliminary research, may be able to help.

Are you a good fit for the Crest Collection Dockside? This high-quality boat shoe might be a good investment in your personal style, but only if you have the funds to make the purchase.

What to Look for While Buying Horse Bit Loafers

Loafers are not an absolutely essential product for your day-to-day life. They are the product of luxury and exotic fashion. All they do is add an extra flair to your appearance.

The bottom line is, it’s your money. Whether you are willing to invest in an exotic pair of horse bit loafer or not is entirely up to you.

But if you’ve already convinced yourself to buy a pair of bit loafer, here are some things we suggest to look into—

Your Working Environment

Consider where you’ll be wearing your loafers. Do you intend to wear these as your primary pair of work shoes? Do you want them for a special night out at a posh restaurant?

Knowing how often you plan to wear your new shoes is vital in order to determine how much you should spend and what quality you are searching for.

Suppose you are in a line of work that requires most of the time standing. This can be exhausting, and it will be wiser to choose a horse bit loafer as your regular shoe.

Consider the Price Tag

No doubt, the horse bit loafers can add some extra flair to your style. It will indeed express your exotic aesthetic sense in fashion and all.

But consider how often you will wear them and how much you intend to invest for those brief periods of use.

But if you are convinced that you need one, get the absolute best ones out there. They might cost more, but the goal is to show off a little, and choosing something poorly manufactured will backfire.

You don’t have to blow your entire salary on shoes, but take our words that you do want to invest in gorgeous shoes that will last for years.


If you want to wear them frequently, it’s worth spending a little more money on a high-quality pair.

As long as you don’t plan on wearing them for long periods, they don’t need to be as sturdy.

On the other hand, we only advocate investing in high-quality shoes that will last for several seasons or even years. In that case, it’s wise to invest your money somewhere else.


What brands make the best horse bit loafers?

Brands like Beckett Simonon, Cole Haan, Jay Butler, Allen Edmonds, and Gucci make the best loafers.

Where does the name “Horse bit” come from?

It is derived from the equipment named “gag bit,” which is used to retrain horses or horses that are strong pullers.

Can you wear socks with loafers?

Yes, you absolutely can. But you want to avoid certain types of socks to keep your style intact.

What type of socks should you wear with loafers?

You don’t want to walk about with your bare ankle in a business setting. You can use Dress Socks for loafers as they are thin and comfortable.

Are horse bit loafers casual?

Horse Bit Loafers are a type of casual loafers that have a bit of a different look.

Final Thoughts & Wardrobe Suggestion

It’s not a “must-have” shoe like oxfords, penny loafers, and other traditional styles. You can certainly get by without a bit loafer.

However, due to the vast sartorial territory, they may cover, you should consider them as a sixth or seventh shoe to round out your basic shoe collection.

At the end of the day, you will be the one to choose the loafer best suited for you. But we sincerely hope our selected best horse bit loafers will meet your fashion aesthetics.


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