Best Cross Country Running Shoes to Suit All Budgets & Tastes

A good pair of cross country running shoes will make the difference between a successful and enjoyable run.

Today, there are many high-quality options on the market that offer a wide range of features, so choosing one can be difficult.

Cross country running shoes are designed for long-distance running. It has many features that help runners maintain a steady pace and reduce the chances of injury.

There are different cross country running shoes available in the market, but I would suggest you to buy from our recommendation because they have the best features among all other brands.

What Makes the Best Running Shoes? Things to Consider

Cross Country Running Shoes

When it comes to choosing the best running shoes, there are many factors that you need to consider. The first thing you need to know is your foot type. This can be done by asking a friend or relative if they have any problems with their feet.

Another way of finding out is looking at your feet and taking note of the size and shape. There are also other types of shoe manufacturers who will analyze your foot type before making a pair for you, which ensures that they fit perfectly on your feet.

The next thing that you need to look into is the weight capacity of the shoe; this should be in accordance with what kind of activity you plan on doing with them, such as jogging, hiking, or running long distances.

You may also want to check out reviews from people who have used these shoes before so that you can get an idea about how well they performed in different conditions.

A third important factor knows what kind of weather will affect them most, such as wet weather or extreme heat during summer and cold temperatures during wintertime.

Last but not least, make sure that these shoes are made from high-quality materials because this means that they will last longer than cheap ones which wear down easily over time due to their weak construction material.

What Kind of Shoes Do Cross-Country Runners Wear?

Cross Country Running Shoes

A good pair of cross-country running shoes will help you run faster, last longer, and be more comfortable. It is important to find the right shoe that fits your feet.

Cross-country runners wear shoes that are lightweight and flexible. They need to be able to change their gait and the way they run because there are many different types of terrain.

There are three different types of shoes available for especially cross country runners:

1. Neutral: These shoes have a mid-foot strike that helps runners transition from heel to toe and absorb shock while increasing stability in the forefoot area. They also have high arch support for better shock absorption during long-distance runs.

2. Arch Support: This type of shoe has high arch support, which helps relieve stress on the arches, heels, and ankle joints by absorbing shock with every step. They are best for those who overpronate or flat-footed runners because they provide extra cushioning in the heel area.

3. Stability: These shoes have stiffer soles which reduce pronation and improve balance during long-distance runs, however, they may not offer enough cushioning for some runners who experience overpronation or who need additional arch support for their comfort level.

They are best used by athletes with low arches as well as flat-footed runners because they help maintain an upright posture during long-distance runs without compromising stability.

Ultimate Guide to Pick the Best Cross Country Running Shoes

There is no right or wrong choice here; it’s just up to you and your personal preferences whether you want lightweight stability-based running shoes with minimal cushioning, heavier bottomed comfort runners for long runs, or maybe a combination of the two.

1. Nike Women’s Cross Country Running Shoe – Best Cross Country Running Shoes for Wide Feet


  • A non-slip suede outsole
  • It’s light fabric technology
  • The ability to hold my heel perfectly

I am excited to now be able to wear Nikes! They are great shoes and they are very light and comfortable. My running is going to improve because I can move in the shoes better.

This is what the good old Nike Women’s Jogging Cross Country Running Shoe is all about. It is built to withstand the hardest of conditions and is suited for virtually any terrain, from rugged trails to the tarmac.

Nike has an array of running shoes that you can take your pick from; one of them being the women’s jogging cross country running shoes. Your feet will never be left in pain once you slip into this piece, which will provide comfort with ease.

The Nike Women’s Jogging Cross Country Running Shoe is one of Nike’s best-selling sneakers, and it has a reason. Its light fabric and easy-to-wear design ensure that you are comfortable while running long-distance trails.

The sneaker features an embossed Nike logo and a non-slip suede outsole that make it ideal for running on rugged terrain.


  • They aren’t heavy or stiff
  • The cushioning is perfect
  • The design is really lovely
  • Great for distance running 


  • Sometimes you may need to try a half size up

2. Saucony Men’s Kilkenny Xc 8 – Best Cross Country Running Shoes for Mens


  • Carbon rubber outsole
  • A 360-degree breathable mesh upper
  • Thick sock-like foam in its midsole

Have you ever felt trapped in your own life? You’re stuck in a constant cycle of the same old problems, and you can’t seem to get out. Sure, you may get out of some situations, but you can’t seem to get free from the daily grind that never seems to stop.

The only thing that will ultimately solve the problem is knowing you have the right footwear to take you wherever you want to go.

A shoe like no other, the Kilkenny is designed for runners looking for the best performance and most comfortable fit.

Using the cutting-edge digital design, the Kilkenny XC 8 is a lightweight shoe that offers 3D printed overlays support and fit on demand.

This is a flat top, so it’s great for running on trails and loose surfaces. No matter what you’re doing, this shoe will help you get there.

Kilkenny XC 8 Flat is one of the best flat running shoes. It features a 360-degree breathable mesh upper and carbon rubber outsole for flexibility and traction with and without spikes.

The thick sock-like foam in its midsole molds to your foot throughout the day, helping you run faster, and longer with improved comfort.


  • Helping you run faster
  • One of the best flat running shoes
  • Great at the first pull of the laces to the final stride
  • Most affordable cross country shoe


  • The arch of the foot is narrow 
  • The insole is hourglassshaped, which is not ideal for quick changes in direction

3. ASICS Women’s Cross Freak 2 – Best Cross Country Running Shoes for Womens


  • A compression molded eva midsole for extra cushioning
  • 100% Synthetic, Imported & Rubber sole
  • Trusstic System to reduce the weight of the sole

Need I say more? You might be a tad bit surprised to find that ASICS is a brand known for its runners, but not so much for its cross-country shoes. But don’t be fooled by that!

There are few things better than having a shoe that is lightweight, flexible, Trusstic system, and has ample cushioning underfoot.

The Cross-Freak 2 is the perfect runner for those who like to stay light on their feet in even their most strenuous runs.

It is my opinion that the reviews left by buyers about their running shoes including ASICS Cross Freak 2 shoes are a lie, it does not matter what size you purchase your shoes are going to fit.

Coming from a running background, I know what I like to wear on my feet, and the cross-country shoes are the best.

The ASICS women’s Cross Freak 2 is the perfect middle-of-the-road option for those who have used their ASICS in the past and want something slightly more traditional with a little more support without losing their control.


  • Great for middle distance track
  • The thicker sole was just right
  • The supportive heels are just as advertised

4. Seven V2 Spike Shoe – Cheap Cross Country Running Shoes


  • Agile shoes with a modern aesthetic.
  • Synthetic sole and rubber outsole provide great traction
  • Instant comfort with REVlite and spiked outsole

The seven V2 Spike Shoe is the perfect shoe for the sport you love, new or existing. It is a sporty shoe that is imported and has a rubber outsole and an open mesh-synthetic upper so it can be used in all types of weather.

The spike on the outsole provides grip in wet or dry conditions.

Seven V2 Spike Shoe is made of 50% synthetic and 50% mesh materials. The mesh is breathable and lightweight, to make the shoe comfortable for long-term wear.

A REVlite midsole beneath the mesh and six-spiked outsole provides a stable platform for high-intensity activities like running, climbing, or jumping.

This shoe is made for users who are looking for a shoe that provides maximum traction and performance in both synthetic and natural terrain.

A new design of the shoe features a wide, low-profile shape with a slightly higher heel to provide more stability. The newly designed spike pattern provides superior traction on all surfaces, even when wet or muddy.


  • Provides an all-around-performance shoe
  • Comes with a synthetic/mesh upper and REVlite midsole
  • Pairs well with CrossFit, running, or lifting weights

5. ASICS Men’s Hyper XC Cross-Country Running Shoe


  • Made from synthetic materials other than animal products
  • Produced within another country (Imported)
  • Trusstic system technology & Rubber outsole

The ASICS Men’s Hyper XC Shoe is made with a lightweight, low-profile design and a strong, supportive platform that’s perfect for high-intensity training.

The rubber sole provides enhanced durability and traction, while the solid rubber outsole delivers enhanced durability and traction. These performance shoes also deliver quality and comfort thanks to their trusstic system technology.

With Hyper XC, you don’t need to sacrifice speed or comfort for control or style. These shoes are made for running but offer a wide variety of uses for tennis, basketball, and even work.

They’re also built to last with an upper made out of synthetic materials that is extremely durable.

These ASICS Men’s Hyper XC Shoe is a perfect choice for any athlete looking to perform with speed and power on the court. Built with support and cushioning these shoes will help you maintain a proper form.


  • Avoid any allergic reactions
  • Allowing for maximum value across the board
  • Durable rubber outsole unit to keep structural integrity

Freequently Asked Questions


Are Nike Running Shoes Good for Cross-Country?

As a runner, I always wondered how good my Nike running shoes are for cross-country. Well, in order to find out, I decided to do some research.

I found that Nike shoes are well known for their cushioning and support, making them suitable for running. Also, the traction is great on most surfaces.

Nike running shoes are good for cross-country because they provide maximum comfort and cushioning, so your feet will not hurt after long-distance runs.

Also, the mesh material in the Nike running shoes makes them breathable and keeps your feet cool during hot weather.

After finding this information about Nike running shoes, I went ahead and got myself a pair of these sneakers because they have everything I need from a shoe – comfort, stability, and traction.

So if you are also looking for an athletic shoe with excellent support, then you should consider getting yourself a pair of Nike footwear!


As a runner, you know how important it is to have the best cross running shoes. If you’re training for a race or just want to improve your speed and endurance, then the right pair of cross-country (XC) shoes can help you reach your goals.

Running shoes are made with various features, including padding and shock absorption, but they all have one thing in common.

They need to be supportive enough to allow your feet to breathe while still providing enough cushioning and protection against impact.


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