Are newton running shoes good?

Is that so much necessary to select the perfect running shoe? Running is a complete and utter workout, but it’s your feet that take the brunt of the stress, surviving and adapting to various conditions and terrain.

The perfect shoe can maintain your feet in good shape and keep you moving while also keeping you comfortable and reducing unwanted strain and injury.

Runners have a wide range of needs, and what works for one won’t exactly work for another. Newton Company is known because of its running shoes; therefore, it’s no wonder that the Newton brand produces some of the top running shoes today.

Why newton’s shoes are ahead of its competitors?

Sir Isaac Newton and his third rule of motion, which states that there is an equal and opposite reaction for every action, were the inspiration for Newton® running shoes and the brand’s name.

Newton promotes landing on the mid-to forefoot. These shoes are constructed on the concept of how people run barefoot—how mankind is designed to run.

When sprinting barefoot, a person will first land on their mid-foot, not their heel. Therefore, they put most of the technology in the forefoot but still take care to provide a pleasant and cushioned heel that differs per model.

Newton shoes have something for everyone and every type of runner. Newton has attempted to research and develop its shoes to maintain this.


Newton Running’s unique Action/Reaction Technology (ART) powers the speed of their running shoes, providing you with a surge of forwarding energy with each stride.

The lugs’ active mobility creates a responsive, trampoline-like cushioning system that bounces back faster and uses less energy than a typical foam-core running shoe.

Actuator Lugs

Newton Running shoes improve gait efficiency for athletes of all levels, from first-time 5k runners to seasoned marathoners. Unique actuator lugs are installed beneath the forefoot to urge you to land on your mid-foot or forefoot rather than your heel.

These strikes will get you on and off the ground faster and with less painful impact compared to heel striking.

Level Platform

Over time, many shoe brands have become thicker, cushier, and heavier, with enormous heel-to-toe dips (height differences). Newton running shoes have reduced drop for a more natural running action.

The “natural running shoe

Is it possible to run in a “natural” way? The most natural way to run is to land on your mid-foot or forefoot, according to Newton’s shoes manufacturer.

It is also the quickest and most effective manner to run. The only shoes designed exclusively for natural running are Newton Running sneakers.



The Newton Fate is a great way to engage with Newton Running. It’s Newton’s traditional neutral running shoe, with a gender-specific biomechanical fit and all the company’s patented technologies. The Newton Kismet is the identical shoe to the Newton Kismet, but with more lateral support to keep you stable when running.


The Newton Gravity is Newton’s best-selling daily trainer, now with long-lasting cushioning that raises the bar on performance, comfort, and support. For the identical fantastic shoe in a stability model, look at the Newton Motion.


From a speed day to a marathon, the Newton Distance is the ideal lightweight racing shoe. The Newton Distance S is the shoe for you if you need a little extra support. The Newton Distance Elite is a high-performance road racing shoe designed to help you beat PR after PR if you’re serious about running.


You’ll love the Newton BOCO AT! The BOCO will get you off the beaten path with solid cushioning, a water-resistant upper, and grippy lugs.

Newton shoes quick review from experts

The Newton Kismet 4 is a quick, responsive, and helpful machine. With Newton, it provides that one-of-a-kind ride that runners have come to expect.

The Newton Distance 7 is a lightweight running shoe that packs a lot of speed into a small package. As a high-priced trainer, it may not be ideal for many runners.

The Newton Gravity 7 is a rapid and responsive lightweight trainer. It’s possible that it’ll price itself out of many customers’ minds. marketplaces at a high price point.”

The Newton Gravity VI is the newest model in Newton’s lightweight and durable trainers’ range. The Gravity VI will surely meet your everyday trainer, even if it takes some getting accustomed to.

The Newton Fate II is a sleek, lightweight shoe with an unparalleled ride. The Fate IIs will set you back a little more than your ordinary running shoe, but the quality is worth it.

The Newton Distance Elite is a durable yet lightweight racing shoe designed for neutral runners who prefer a firm, responsive ride.


  • Lightweight
  • Seamless upper
  • Firm ride
  • Fast-drying mesh
  • Breathable upper


  • Premium-priced
  • Wide toe box

The Newton Motion is a responsive, lightweight, and stable shoe. It’s ideal for regular workouts, long runs, speed work, and even racing.

The Newton Aha is an innovative and comfy running shoe that teaches you how to run correctly. Although the shoe isn’t as spectacular as Newton’s other models, it will more than hold its own against whatever challenge you throw at it.

The shoe did an excellent job balancing comfort and softness with a firm and supportive sole. I ran with it throughout the winter, sometimes on snowy roads and sometimes on treadmills, and they always felt fresh.

Find the perfect shoes for you

The Newton Gravity Plus is a lightweight trainer/long-distance racer designed for people looking for a responsive, low-drop shoe.

The Gravity + is agile and responsive enough for workouts, but it’s also robust, protective, and tough enough to handle training miles for individuals who are used to shoes like these.

The 3mm drop is evident, but the XPS+ plate and NRG+ foam are more forgiving and keep the Newton shoe from feeling a negative bubble.

The Newton Gravity +, like the Kismet and Fate, two starting shoes by Newton, may serve as a beautiful introductory low to zero drop shoe for those interested.

However, we still recommend gradually graduating from it. As swift and enjoyable as this sneaker is, the body requires time to adjust.


However, the little bit high price, and if you are compatible with barefoot running, newton shoes would be the best choice. The appearance of the Newton Sir Isaac shoes is nice-looking shoes, brightly colored.

Wearing these gives people a sense of aesthetics. The Newton Sir Isaac sneaker is a very comfortable shoe. The upper material is comfortable and breathable, with a roomy toe box.

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